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Former Page 3 girl and wife of England footballer reveals her hell working at 'meat market' Presidents Club where 'groping came with the job' and women were 'paid for sex'

EX-Page Three girl Suzi Walker told how she worked as a hostess at the Presidents Club dinner for six years — and says it was always a “meat market”.
The former Wag, 46, said she felt like a “prostitute” at the now-infamous event, where being groped by rich and powerful men “came with the job”.

She spoke out as Theresa May said she was appalled at the reports of some guests’ behaviour at the charity gala, which was attended by children’s minister Nadhim Zahawi.
The PM also vowed to eradicate sexism from the workplace as the fall-out from the event at London’s Dorchester hotel continued to spread.
More charities are refusing to accept cash it raised while MPs called for a police investigation into assault and harassment allegations.
One hostess at last week’s bash told how she saw suspected prostitutes brought in for after-parties. It follows reports by others who said they were routinely mauled by leering guests and asked to take off their undies.
The claims came as no surprise to mum of two Suzi, who said working at the men-only ball for six years in the 1990s used to make her cry.
Suzi, who was married to former Spurs goalkeeper Ian Walker for 12 years, recalled: “There would be loads of men getting really touchy-feely, grabbing bottoms and trying to coax girls back to their place or Annabel’s private club in Mayfair.
“The men thought us girls were garbage, just something to entertain them. They thought they had a right to you and your body. We just had to accept it.”
Suzi, who started working at the event aged 19, went on: “I know that a lot of the girls would do sexual favours if they were paid extra.

“There were a few agencies who would provide girls and some were definitely escorts or prostitutes.
“I thought I was just there to be a glamorous, polite hostess, but I soon realised I was there to attract and entertain the guests. It made me feel like a prostitute to be honest.”
Suzi, from Leatherhead, Surrey, continued working there because she needed the cash. But she stopped after her dad, big band leader Johnny Howard, came along one year and was horrified.
She said: “My dad was shocked, it was all so wrong. He didn’t want me exposed to an environment like that.
“I did it for so many years and I used to just dread it. I used to get so upset and cry afterwards.”
The ball’s organiser, top Tory donor David Meller, was forced to close the Presidents Club in the wake of this week’s revelations.
But Suzi said: “I’m surprised it’s taken this long. And there hasn’t been more harassment claims come out into the open. It’s just a shame charities are going to miss out.”
Suzi, whose 19-year-old daughter Sophie is also a model, said sexual harassment used to be the norm.
She recalled: “I remember quite a famous sports pundit, who I won’t name, put his hands up my skirt after a night out in London. But that kind of thing wasn’t a big deal then.
"Times are changing now thankfully.”
Speaking from Davos, Switzerland, Mrs May said she was “frankly appalled” at the revelations.
She added: “I thought that sort of attitude of objectifying women was something that was in the past that we had managed to overcome. But sadly what that event showed is there is still a lot more work for us to do.”
She vowed to “continue to work to a point where women are genuinely accepted and respected as equals”.
Tory minister Nadhim Zahaw, who said he left the party early as he felt “uncomfortable”, was hauled before Chief Whip Julian Smith for a dressing-down.
Some MPs called for him to be sacked but Environment Secretary Michael Gove said he was a “decent and honourable guy”.
One hostess at the bash also told how suspected prostitutes were brought in as guests got drunker.
She said: “There was a lot of groping, a lot of girls sitting on laps, men beckoning girls over to their tables to talk to them. It just didn’t seem right.”
Other women then arrived later who behaved even more provocatively, she said, with some seen getting into lifts to rooms with guests.
Lib Dem leader Vince Cable and deputy Jo Swinson wrote to Met boss Cressida Dick calling for a police investigation. They said: “Offences of harassment and pimping appear to have taken place.”
Labour MP Yvette Cooper said: “Laws exist to prevent this kind of harassment and misogynistic abuse.”
A Met Police spokesman said: “We have no knowledge of any offences reported.”

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