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Historical babes (27 Pics)

Women on a rollercoaster, England, 1938
52 years of women's swimsuits
1950s necklines
Beverly Hills, 1950s
Audrey, 1964
Audrey in Paris filming Funny Face, 1956
Copacabana showgirl, ca 1950
Audrey in front of a pink flowering tree
Judy Garland, 1941
London, 1960s
Coco Chanel at the Ritz, 1937
Jackie Kennedy and her husband, 1959
Debbie Harry, 1977
Marilyn, 1950
NYC showgirls backstage, 1958
Joan Jett, 1977
Hedy Lamarr
Joan Crawford, 1920s
Marilyn, 1953
Mylene Demongeot, 1950s
Marilyn, final photo shoot, 1962
Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia, 1908
Vivien Leigh, Anna Karenina, 1948
Sophia Loren with some musician, 1958
Sophia Loren, 1960
Vivien Leigh, Gone With the Wind, 1939
Sophia Loren, 1960

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