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Horsepower of love: Heartwarming moment muscular shire stallion Beau revives 'wife' Beatrice in ten minutes - after farmers spent SIX HOURS trying to get her back up and prepared to put her down (11 Pics)

  • Shire horse Beatrice was found face down in her stable in Langridge near Bath with severe abdominal pain 
  • The 16-year-old horse's weight had made her legs go dead and she couldn't get up, risking fatal organ failure 
  • Owners spent six hours trying to revive her before Beau intervened and got his partner up in just 10 minutes
  • Beau, 11 and Beatrice have been together for ten years and spend all their spare time in each other's company

  • Just 20 minutes before her owners were due to put her down, after battling for six hours to get her to stand up, her stablemate Beau (pictured) saved the day - bounding towards her and getting her to her feet in just ten minutes 

    Beatrice the shire horse (pictured) was found collapsed and face down in her stable in Somerset after suffering equine colic and severe abdominal pain

    Beau bites on the neck of Beatrice to try to invigorate her into one last attempt to get up and  Beatrice staggers to her feet, knocking owner Donald Macintyre to the ground as she finally gets up with only minutes to spare

    Weighing a tonne, Beatrice (pictured left) had caused her legs to go dead and was unable to stand up. Pressure had also built up on her internal organs, which caused her temperature to drop and heart rate to increase. She is pictured with stablemate Beau and owner Donald

    After battling for six hours, owners Donald MacIntyre (pictured) and his wife Jane Lipington decided to give the 16-year-old horse a deadline, after which they would make the call to have her put down

    But just in the nick of time Beatrice's (left) 11-year-old companion Beau (right) was let out of her stable and came bounding towards her. Pictured with owner Donald 

    The look of love: Beau (right) began biting at Beatrice's neck, grabbing hold of her halter and shaking it. As his amazed owners watched on in awe, Beatrice (left) began to stand up. She has since made a full recovery

    The horses have been together for 10 years and the couple have 23 shire horses on their farm where they keep the rare breed

    Ms Lipington, 60, said: 'It is absolutely astonishing. We were prepared to lose her and had arranged for her to be put down but Beau knew what to do.'

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