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Mum's brutal response to stranger who criticised her 'inappropriate' outfit - and said she shouldn't wear it

For a lot of people, the clothes they wear represent who they are.
Fashion is a way for them to express themselves.
So when someone else attacks their style or their outfit choice, it can be a very personal thing.
Mum-of-four Stevie Niki, 27, knows exactly how this feels after a complete stranger slammed her clothes.
She was completely shocked, but posted a brilliant - and slightly brutal - response on social media.
She shared a photo of the outfit she was wearing that day, along with a long message to the people who felt they had the right to comment.

She wrote: "The other day someone said to me that I don't dress like a mum and I shouldn't wear what i do.
"There was even a comment about my clothing not being age appropriate. I was wearing this outfit.
"Umm what.. excuse me?
"The 1950's just telegrammed and they want their out dated views back.
"Did the government roll out and distribute a mum uniform and I missed the memo? Did they assign people to enforce and police such dress codes?
"Shall I go buy an apron too? Since when do I have to dress according to someone else's likes and dislikes?"
Stevie, who runs the parenting website My Tribe of Six , goes on to make more general points about judging people by the way they look.
She writes: "What I choose to look like or wear does not change who I am within.
"My appearance does not impact my personality.
"Who I am on the outside does not define who i am on the inside.
"Your opinions, views and sense of style only reflects you and not anyone else.
"I will look however i want to look and dress in whatever i want to dress in and still be a mum.
"I could have a sex change and I'll still be the mother to my children.
"Guess what? Good and kind people can have tats, mums can have piercings, caring people can ride motorbikes and wear a patch, poor people can be generous beyond their means and quiet people can be loud.
"Aesthetically pleasing people can be mean, fit looking people can feel insecure, wealthy people can be rude and crass, happy people can be in pain and friendly people can do evil things.
"Enough with the stereotypes - there's nothing worse or more ignorant."
Unsurprisingly, she's been inundated with messages from other mums.
And she has absolutely no plans to change her style any time soon.
She said: "I plan to be 80, rocking ripped jeans, tulle trimmed unicorn shirts and rainbow hair.
"So you can take your "age appropriate" dribble back a few decades."

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