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Astonishing moment Amazon delivery driver 'is caught trying to steal ornamental dragon from front porch' after dropping off parcel

An Amazon delivery driver appears to try and steal a garden ornament before being confronted out by the bemused homeowner.
Lisa Gribbin was at home with her daughter when she answered the door to the delivery man just after noon on Monday.
Minutes later, when she thought he had gone, she opened the door again to find him attempting to lift up the stone dragon on her porch.
In CCTV footage taken from the house in Ashford, Kent, the Amazon courier can be seen eyeing up the ornament when delivering the parcel and then returning to inspect it closer.
Mrs Gribbin told Kent Live : "He has been delivering to us for a few months now. Now I know why half of my parcels don't get delivered. How many others did he do it to?
"He said I have got another parcel for you but then he said bye and went.
"Then I saw a shadow so I thought maybe he's got another parcel. He says the dragon was on its side which is weird because it's very heavy.
"Then he came back with a neighbours parcel so I said thanks for straightening it up as he walked away from the van.
"My husband reported it to Amazon and then the depot rang up last night and then told us they'll send something as an apology. They couldn't have been any more apologetic."
Mrs Gribbin admitted the garden ornament didn't have any particular sentimental value, but she had fought hard to purchase it.
"I had to argue with my husband for weeks and weeks to get it and if he actually nicked it I would have been pretty gutted," she said. "It's worth around £100."
A spokesman for Amazon said: "We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers. We are investigating the incident."

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