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Controversial Lushsux: the divisive street-art man with no name (40 Pics)

Melbourne street artist Lushsux is recognised for his large murals on streets, walls and other structures.
He goes without a name to keep anonymous and with a following of 210,000 on Instagram, his work speaks for itself.
Lushsux is considered the first meme artist on social media.
Trending memes are constantly created on social media based on popular events and issues that happen in the media. Lushsux makes a comical meme out of the trends and paints them.
He started painting murals around Melbourne and now travels the world working on murals based on trending events on social media.
He has painted famous A-list celebrities and politicians such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Donald Trump, Seinfeld, Kesha, Kin Jong Un, Kanye and Bill Nye.

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