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Guy Makes Sweaters Of Places And Then Photographs Himself In Those Places

Ever heard somebody say "been there, done that, got the t-shirt?" Well you'll never hear Sam Barsky say that. Why? Because Sam doesn't buy t-shirts. He knits sweaters. Featuring different places. And then he goes to those places and photographs himself wearing his sweaters of those places. Check out the pictures below to see for yourself. From Stonehenge, London's Tower Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to less well-known landmarks such as roads, aquariums, and random pylons, Barsky and his sweaters make even the most mundane locations seem suddenly rather interesting.
Sam started knitting in 1999 when he met the owners of a local yarn shop. "I asked them where you can learn to knit," he told . "They offered to teach me for free under one condition - that I buy their yarn. I agreed. It was a dream come true after years of signing up for knitting classes that would always get canceled due to low enrollment. In the years that followed, I have knitted 106 sweaters featuring various nature scenes, landmarks, holidays, and more, all freehand without a graph. Each sweater has an interesting (long) story behind it."
Sam says he's had to overcome plenty of challenges to complete his sweaters, including traveling long distances to obtain yarn and rushing to knit them in time for a specific event. "At first, I didn't think anything of the idea of posing in front of the landmarks or objects they represent. But it seemed like the natural choice to wear them there. Before long, I had 10-15 such pictures. I realized this was a form of art of its own and I started making a conscious effort to create more pictures like these."

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