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Revealed: The explosive texts that cleared teen of raping woman as she threatens: "I'm going to ruin his life lol" (4 Pics)

The explosive texts that helped clear a teenager of raping a woman have been revealed - including one where she threatened to "ruin" his life.
Connor Fitzgerald, 19, lost his job as a BT engineer and spent nearly three months behind bars after being accused of raping the woman.
However, he is now a free man after the charges against him were thrown out.
The teen, from south London, was cleared after his family handed prosecutors text messages in which the alleged victim threatened to destroy him.
The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sent a message to a pal saying: "I'm not just going to mess up his life, I'm going to ruin it lol."

Another message, sent to Connor himself, read: "See you in court."
She also threatened him: "If I can't have you, no one can". But other texts she sent to him included references to having enjoyed sex.
Connor was arrested in front of his stunned family after the woman alleged he filmed himself raping her following a night out.
The now-free teenager claimed that, in other threatening messages, the woman warned she would kill him and his partner.
He alleged: "She threatened me and my girlfriend and said she’d kill the both of them. She started messaging me all crazy stuff...
"And then it turned to 'I’m going to get you nicked for this'".
Screenshots from his phone show how the woman claimed to have enjoyed sex with him.
He messaged saying: "It felt sooo good being in bed with u again" to which she replied: "You know - you f****** me to sleep".
But after accusing him of attacking her, the woman sent chilling taunts including: "Well I'll see you in court".
Connor, of South Norwood, said the ordeal has "ruined" his life and left him terrified to leave his home "because everyone thinks I'm a rapist".
He said: “It’s been heartbreaking - it felt like I was guilty until proven innocent.
“My life has been ruined.
"I'm scared to even leave the house because everyone thinks I'm a rapist."
The woman claimed he raped her and videoed it after a boozy night out.
On November 1, sex crime cops burst into Connor’s family home and arrested him in front of his mum and sister.
After Mr Allan’s case came to light, the family asked if all the messages had been disclosed - after his brother found some of the texts on Connor’s iCloud account.
But it was only last week that the case against the teenager was axed at Croydon Crown Court - the same court where Mr Allan’s case was heard.
Connor was denied bail and was held in Category B HMP High Down in Banstead, Surrey, from November 6 until January 22.
Now, he reportedly plans to sue police and the CPS.
He said: “I feel ashamed even though I’ve not done anything. It’s nasty.
“I honestly think that if my brother hadn’t found those texts and made the CPS aware, I would have ended up in prison for 12 years or more.
"The police are not securing enough rape convictions and because of that they are far too keen to go ahead with prosecutions that are flimsy at most."
A CPS spokesman said: “This case was charged in accordance with the threshold test, which is applied in serious cases where further evidence is expected to become available within a reasonable period.
“A decision to charge under the threshold test must be kept under review, and prosecutors are required to take account of any change in circumstances as a case develops.
“In January 2018, police provided more material in this case. Upon review of that material, it was decided that there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction.
“We therefore decided to offer no evidence at a hearing at Croydon Crown Court on 22 January.
“In this case disclosure was dealt with on an ongoing basis and where appropriate, relevant disclosures made.”
A spokeswoman for Met Police added: “We are content with the investigation and our disclosure work, which was conducted in liaison with the CPS.
“During the course of the hearing there was no adverse comment from the judge about the police investigation.”

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