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Schoolgirl, 13, sends 'nipple' picture to boy - then tells her horrified mum: "Kim Kardashian does it"

A 13-year-old girl who was caught sending "provocative" pictures to a boy by her horrified mum told her: " Kim Kardashian does it".
The Year Nine pupil could be seen posing with her nipples "very prominent" through her T-shirt in one of the alarming snaps.
She was confronted by her shocked mum after she came across the images when a message suddenly flashed up on her daughter's phone.
In response, the student - described as a "lovely" girl with a nice group of pals - claimed that US reality TV star Kim takes similar pictures.
Just two days ago, 37-year-old mum-of-three Kim stunned her millions of fans by posting a series of raunchy snaps on Twitter.
One image showed her posing in a tiny white thong and a long fur coat, with her world-famous curvy hips and bust on display.
Another snap depicted her leaning on a bed, with her bottom in the air.
The revelation about the 13-year-old girl was made by ex-Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham, who is friends with the youngster's mum.
"Her response [to her mother] was: 'Kim Kardashian does it'," said the 30-year-old businesswoman, who has three young daughters of her own.
"That scared me, having three girls," she added.
Jessica, who is around 19 weeks' pregnant with her fourth child, has now urged famous figures to be the "best role models" they can be.
Posting a screenshot of the image of Kim in a fur coat on Twitter, she revealed how her friend had messaged her about her daughter's snaps.
She said her pal had told her the teenager had been "sending pictures like this to boys".
"She's in Year Nine and a really, really, really lovely young girl," Jessica said.
"She has a nice social circle. Her mum was shocked."
The businesswoman, who lives in Sheffield, described how in one picture, the schoolgirl "had a T-shirt on with her nipples through it, very prominent."
"It's a little bit scary," she told Mirror Online.
She added: "Once you're in the limelight and you have this large following of people watching you... it's your responsibility what you're posting."
Jessica, who runs the parenting blog Mother Of Maniacs, said Kim's work ethic and other elements of her life are "very inspirational" to youngsters.
But she said social media is "so accessible" nowadays - and that young people shouldn't be left thinking that "the only thing that matters is looks".
"All of my friends who have kids that are 13 plus have phones," she said.
"And so do the majority of their friends."
The mum, who has daughters Poppy, six, Olive, five, and three-year-old Hatti, was pictured stripping off for her own clothing brand, Prodigal Fox, in 2016.
She was seen posing in sexy swimwear, with her legs on show.
She has also been previously pictured posing in lingerie.
But she claimed snaps like these show a "healthy body image" and are "different to being stark b*****k naked with your boobs out".
She also said they were printed in newspapers, not put out on social media.
Writing on her blog today, Jessica explained: "I am not saying or suggesting that I am against lingerie shoots, or even fully naked photo shoots, what I am saying is: as an influencer to those that follow us, surely we have a responsibility that we are being the best role model that we can."
She added: "What I am saying is learn your audience."
The mum's tweet about her pal's daughter, posted yesterday, has been shared thousands of times, with other users sharing their own viewpoints.
One claimed that Kim "is one of the most influential people in the world for teenagers and young girls and she could be using her platform and 'status' for far more important things than posting pictures like this."
However, another replied: "Or she can post whatever she wants because she never asked to be anybody’s role model or help parent anyone’s children. Be better parents and teach your kids right from wrong. Kim is a grown woman."
Jessica, who has admitted previously working as a stripper to help fund her first business venture, will give birth to her fourth child later this year.
She said her daughters - who tragically lost their dad and her ex-partner, Alistair Eccles, in August last year - are "very excited" about the new baby.
"All of us are really happy," she said.
She added that she and her boyfriend, Alex Daw, have not found out the sex.
When asked which role models she would want her girls to look up to, she replied: "People who can teach them about grit and determination".
She added that "everyone makes mistakes", but we should "learn from them".

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