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Getting sick of the myth that actresses and models in the 40s and 50s were "real women," health beauty standards have somehow changed.An album of famous actresses of the era, complete with height and weight. (33 Pics)


  1. The difference is that now, the average american woman (thanks to a lack of education on healthy eating habits and bad cultural trends) weighs quite a bit more than in the 40s, so it used to be more attainable. Also, Hedy Lamarr was a brilliant scientist/inventor who would have been known for her intellect if societal standards for women at the time had been different. One thing those women had was politeness and self control, no angry outbursts on twitter (honestly, everyone's allowed to speak their mind, but don't do it where the WORLD sees the whole thing, which goes for men and women both).

    1. I revere Hedy Lamarr, she is such an inspirational person.