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Mother defends her habit of sharing a bath with her 10 and 11-year-old sons on This Morning - but viewers say it's 'weird' and 'inappropriate' (11 Pics)

Journalist Lauren Libbert explained that she was naked in front of her sons and they bathed together often

THIS Morning viewers were left shocked today by a mum who shares a bath with her 10 and 11-year-old sons.
Mum Lauren Libbert appeared on today's show to defend being naked with her children.

Life coach Ben Edwards, who is also a father, appeared on This Morning to explain why he didn't agree with parents being naked in front of their children 

"It's something that we do in the house that's very normal. I think it's really natural, what can be more natural than being naked in the privacy of your own home.
"It's nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of the time we're not even talking about it."
The internet exploded in response, with viewers branding their routine 'crazy'.

"You can follow up the two SONS in ten years time, in therapy because of still bathing with mum at 10 and 11 - This isn't right for daughters let alone sons!!!" wrote one.

"Baths with your 10 & 11 year olds? Seriously? What about privacy?" questioned another, and a third blasted, "This is weird on so many levels - someone pls stop this."
Appearing on the show, life coach and dad Ben Edwards also insisted that bathing with pre-teens was wrong, arguing that it could lead to 'confusion'.
"They're at that age where they're going to be figuring out body parts..." he said.
Lauren insisted that if either wanted to stop, she'd 'take their lead', and host Holly Willoughby questioned whether Ben was 'over-sexualising' the situation and 'taking away the innocence of a parent-child relationship."
"It's just where does that line come? A little girl is going to have changes that they might not want to show their dad," he hit back.
However, not everyone agreed, with some viewers backing Lauren.
"It is natural she is doing no harm and her boys are comfortable with it go back to gym and give your head a wobble #ThisMorning".
Another added: "Nothing wrong with it! Been brought up that way since I was little and I don't feel 'embarrassed' or 'sexual confusion', etc. I think the discussion was over thought."

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