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Off-duty, smoking, white cop tackles and handcuffs black woman 'banging her head on the sidewalk' after she recorded him 'harassing' a group of teen girls outside a Pittsburgh movie theater

An off-duty police officer at a movie theater in Pennsylvania forcibly arrested a black woman for filming him mistreat a group of teen girls.
A video taken and published by Pittsburgh resident Melanie Carter starts with a manager at the North Versailles Stadium 18 movie theater in a verbal confrontation with three teenage girls. The manager appeared to be accusing the girls of starting trouble inside the theater, claiming he “has witnesses” to their actions.
“You guys have been a problem since you got here,” an off-duty officer, who had just asked Carter for a light for his cigarette, said, entering the fray.
“Everybody’s out,” the officer continued, with the agreement of the manager who claimed he’s “calling the shots.”
Carter then spoke up from behind the camera, saying the officer and manager were treating the girls “like animals.”
“You’re behaving like an animal,” the manager said to her, getting very close to Carter and the camera.
The officer, cigarette still in his mouth, told the woman she is trespassing and needs to leave the premises, which she refuses to do. He then took out his handcuffs and attempted to put them on her wrist.
After the officer continued to tell Carter to leave despite her insistence she wasn’t breaking any laws by filming, the camera shakes as he appears to tackle her to the ground. In the text accompanying the video, Carter accused the officer of banging her head on the sidewalk, putting his knee in her back and placing her under arrest.
Following the incident, which Carter said took place on February 23, she asked her Facebook community for legal assistance.
In their own post, the theater said that the officer was off-duty and was not their employee. The theater also said the manager has been fired following an internal investigation.

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