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'Orange isn't a natural colour': Student bullied over red hair 'devastated after teacher told her to dye it'

A young pupil with natural red hair claims a teacher told her to dye it because 'orange is not a natural colour'.
Paris Lane, 12, alleges the male teacher made the remark to her as she was walking down a school corridor.
Her mum Nic said she was furious over the alleged incident and has lodged a complaint with Ofsted.
The 31-year-old, from Westwood C Farnworth, Lancs., said the youngster has been bullied over her red hair and has been called "ginger names" by pupils.
It was claimed the incident happened amid an 'excessive' uniform crackdown at Kearsley Academy.
Paris she had been walking down a corridor near to the maths department at when a teacher caught her attention and told her to return her hair to a 'natural colour'.
The girl said: "I was walking around school and heard somebody say 'oi'. I turned around and said 'me?' I didn't really see him.
"He went 'you need to dye your hair back', he said 'orange isn't a natural colour'. I left and walked off."
Mrs Lane said her daughter has been bullied over her hair colour.
She said: "I had actually bought her a brown hair dye because she's getting bullied.
"She was already upset. She's emotional anyway as she's gets called all these ginger names."
Paris added: "They should concentrate on our learning rather than what we look like."
Mrs Lane rang the school after Paris told her about the alleged incident and a member of staff called back to discuss the claims, the school's new policy about wearing formal-style shoes and a number of problems the girl had been having.
The mum said: "I told (the staff member) about Paris' hair and she giggled and said, 'that's nothing to worry about, we know ginger is her natural colour', but it's not funny to someone who's already conscious of their hair colour."
Mrs Lane then had a face-to-face meeting with a teacher about her complaints and about Paris allegedly being told to dye her hair.
She said: "He said 'I will write that down. Can I speak to Paris about this?' I gave him permission and he's still not spoken to her.
"Nothing ever seems to get done. Before I used to get a letter home explaining what action had been taken.
"You're left guessing and you don't actually know now."
Mrs Lane says she has now sent her complaints to Ofsted.
A spokesman for Kearsley Academy said: "It is our policy not to comment about any individual student at our academy.
"We always aim to develop a positive relationship with all parents and encourage those who have any specific concerns to speak with the academy."
An Ofsted spokesman said: "While we do not comment on individual schools, we consider all complaints thoroughly.
"Any complaints received about a school are reviewed and when appropriate assessed to see if any actions are required."

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