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Retro Technology

Motorized roller skates (1961)

Archivists, France (1937)

The Auto Wash Bowl in Chicago (1924)

Propellor-driven Russian post office delivery vehicle (1957)

A portable TV concept (1967)

A 5MB hard drive being loaded onto a PanAm plane (1956)

Bike ambulance (1940s)

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices (1950s)

The Vereycken Diwheel (1947)

A coin-operated perfume dispenser (1952)

First hair dryer (~1920)

The first telephone pay station in Los Angeles, at 228 S. Spring Street (1899)

Inventor Hugo Gernsback is demonstrating his television goggles (1963)

Telephone Tower in Stockholm. The tower connected about 5000 telephone lines from 1897-1913 (1890s)

The Bennie Railplane (1929)

Testing of 1.4 million volt X-ray machine (1941)

Television set (1948)

Rocket-powered bicycle, Germany (1931)

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