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Teen couple 'took photos of overdosed girl's body and shared them on Snapchat and Facebook then ran out of gas as they drove her to hospital without ever calling 911'

Two young people are accused of posting on social media pictures of an overdosed teen's body before deciding to drive the woman to the hospital instead of calling 911.
After an "extended period of time," John Garrett Guffey and Lillie Marie Cooper drove the victim to the hospital, according to Marshall County authorities. But, they ran out of gas before reaching the emergency room, said Heath Thomas, a spokesman for the sheriff's office.
Guffey, 19, and Cooper, 18, have been indicted on charges of corpse abuse and criminally negligent homicide, Thomas said. They are held in the Marshall County Jail with bail set at $10,000.
The incident happened April 23, 2017. Guntersville Fire and Rescue crews were called to the Mapco station on U.S. 431 to help an unresponsive woman who was in a vehicle.
Investigators determined the woman had died from an overdose at a home on Old Union Road in Grant. Rather than calling 911, the suspects took a picture of the woman's body and posted it to social media, authorities said. 
 Lillie Cooper, 18, and Johns Guffey, 19, have been charged with abuse of a corpse and negligent homicide after allegedly dragging around the body of an overdosed 18-year-old girl and posting photographs of it on social media last April

Caitlyn Spears, 18, died from a drug overdose last April in Grant, Alabama. She was with Cooper and Guffey in a house. It is not known what drug she took or if she died instantly or whether their delay in getting her help contributed towards her death

"After an extended period of time, the two decided to take the young lady to the hospital in a privately owned vehicle rather than calling 911," the sheriff's office news release says. "They ran out of gas near the Mapco station as they neared downtown Guntersville."
The sheriff's office sent the investigative file to the Marshall County District Attorney's office for review, and a grand jury determined there is enough evidence to prosecute the suspects. A prosecutor wasn't immediately available for comment, and the sheriff's office didn't release further details.

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