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'Thanks for parking like a b***end!' First-time driver, 17, is shocked to be slapped with angry note by heavily pregnant woman - but who's really in the wrong?

 William Smith-Devoy, 17, was forced to park his silver Vauxhall to the right of this blue Peugeot in a shopping centre car park. But when he returned he found a rude note on his windscreen

The heavily pregnant woman scratched Mr Smith-Devoy's car - then left him a letter branding him a 'b******'
A TEENAGE driver claims his car was attacked by a heavily pregnant motorist after she left him an angry note for parking too close to her space.
William Smith-Devoy, 17, found his door scratched and wing-mirror knocked in when he returned to his Vauxhall Astra outside Cheshire Oaks shopping centre, Merseyside.
Mercury Press William Smith-Devoy, 17, was labelled a ‘b******’ by an angry pregnant driver at Cheshire Oaks shopping centre, in Merseyside
Inspecting his damaged motor he was then shocked to find a note that labelled him a ‘b******’ from a woman slamming him for his parking.
It read: ‘Thanks for parking like a b******! I’m nine months pregnant and had to get someone to move my car.’
William, who only passed his test a few weeks ago, was forced to squeeze in on the right-hand side of a blue Peugeot 107 after the car had been left across the line of his space.
However, on returning from his shift at the shopping centre he was horrified to see that his Vauxhall had been targeted.
Mercury Press William was forced to squeeze alongside the blue Peugeot after its driver had parked over his bay-line
William said: “I was upset and shocked at what happened.
“I parked in the space at around 12pm and the whole area was packed.
“The blue car had parked really close to my bay with both right wheels on the line.
“It took me two attempts to get the car in and I called my dad because I was worried the blue car might damage mine when the car’s owner got in.
Mercury Press William was left with his angry note attached to his windscreen, from a driver who was nine months pregnant
“I took some pictures and got the registration plate just in case anything happened.
“I left my shift at 8.30pm and only noticed the note as I reversed out of the space to drive home.
“My wing mirror had also been knocked inwards and there were some scratches on the car.”
Stunned William showed the note to his parents when he returned home.
Facebook William said he was ”upset and shocked” at being targeted by the pregnant driver
He said: “My mum was irritated by it. She said it was quite cheeky and I thought it was wrong for the driver to bring the fact she was pregnant into this.
“It’s a situation where I’d done nothing wrong.
“I parked in the bay with spaces on both sides, the woman parked very close to mine and accused me of bad parking.

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