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Alabama graffiti shows Trump shooting schoolchildren — and people are freaking out

A wall in the town of Florence, Alabama which depicts President Trump shooting school children with a pistol in graphic detail has stirred the ire of neighbors.
The graffiti showed up overnight on a graffiti wall that’s located on private property in the middle of the tiny downtown, reports Huntsville’s WHNT News.

The graphic image shows a giant Trump with a gun and a line of small children splattered in blood.

Among those complaining were the owners of the very Instragrammable hipster coffee shop Turbo Coffee, which is across from the wall.
“It’s not something that we want to have to see every day,” says Turbo Coffee owner Sarah Shirey. “My husband and I were looking at it, trying to figure it out, and then we realized all of the red coming out of the bodies was blood; and then I was assuming it was a school shooting.”

Tiny Florence, a college town in the northwest corner of the state near the famed Muscle Schoals recording studio, apparently has an active graffiti scene. In 2014, people there freaked out about a depiction of Ron Swanson in a parking deck.
“Since it is destroying public property, I would consider it vandalism,” said one resident at the time. “But I kind of like to think of it in the way that now that it’s already done, it can’t be fixed. So, we might as well enjoy it.”
Does the same go for the Trump graffiti?

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