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Family left devastated after they are kicked off their dream Disney cruise by an armed guard because 22-year-old mother-of-two is PREGNANT

 One woman's dream of a Disney vacation was crushed when she was denied entry on a cruise because she was pregnant and was subsequently escorted off by a guard bearing an AR-15 rifle.

YouTuber Emily Jackson, 22, is a mother-of-two with a baby boy on the way.

Jackson, along with her husband, children, parents, and siblings flew from St. Louis to Miami to embark on a picture-perfect vacation.
The 10-member strong family even wore matching T-shirts that said 'Keep calm and enjoy your Disney vacation'.

However what ensued was the opposite of calm when. Disney cruise personnel refused Jackson entry on the cruise because she was 25 weeks pregnant, one week past policy limit. 

The cruise follows a strict policy that does not allow expecting mothers past 24 weeks on board. 

Enraged, the family tried to do what they could to get on board. Jackson even had a note from her doctor saying it was safe for her to travel. 
Instead of reaching a compromise, the family was ushered out of the cruise boarding area.

When Jackson's father raised his voice, a security guard appeared armed with an AR-15.

Distraught, the family waited outside for two hours as cruise staff fetched their luggage that was already on board the cruise. 

The family waited outside as Jackson's two young children - both under the age of two - turned red faced, suffering sunburn in the Miami heat.

The vlogger took to her channel to share the horror that ensued. 

On her channel The Jackson Hive, videos reveal that the family had long-anticipated the Disney trip.

One video reveals they even bought a huge haul of Disney themed clothes just for the occasion.

Her video of the Disney cruise episode shows her distraught father speaking to the officers escorting them out. He says: 'Threatened by Disney with an AR-15 and two security guards'.

'I was crying because it's my fault that no one else can get on,' Jackson said in the video on her channel. 

'We officially found out that I cannot go on the ship, 100 per cent. So we are leaving and trying to find flights for tomorrow and they sent out guys with AR-15s when my dad was talking to the desk about not being able to get on. And literally all he said was can we hurry up and they sent out AR-15 guys,' she added.

The clip sees an officer carrying the gun in his arms and wearing a bullet-proof vest, pointing them out.

At the end of the clip, Jackson is finally in the car after getting her luggage returned.
'So it’s 4.40 we were finally able to get into the car and get our luggage and get our babies out of the heat. As you can see their faces are red,' she said. 

The family then went back to their hotel and found flights to return to St. Louis.
The following day, Jackson posted a follow-up video clarifying that she didn't realize the cruise had such a strict policy. 

She added that she did not purchase the tickets for the cruise and was not well-educated on its policies.

'Forget the policy. That is not my issue. Forget the fact that they did not let us on the ship. We were past that. We just wanted to get our luggage and leave. What our problem was, was how they treated us after that point,' she said in the video.

'I’m mad because of how they treated me and my children. I’m mad because they made my two babies under two wait outside with no water and in the heat, and get red faced. I’m mad about all of those things,' she added.

'The fact that they felt they needed AR-15s to escort us out when they knew we had no weapons because we had been through security. Those were all the things that I was frustrated with at that point,' she explained. 

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