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Honeymoon couple slam hotel claiming suite 'filthy and full of fleas' but hotel says THEY were rude and refunds them £80 in coins (3 Pics)

Sarah Johnson and Sam Davey from Devon checked into the Trecarn Hotel in Torquay the day after their wedding

A Honeymooning couple has slammed a Devon hotel claiming they were made to wait two hours before being put in a filthy room full of litter and flesh-eating insects.
Newlyweds Sarah Johnson and Sam Davey from Devon checked into the Trecarn Hotel in Torquay, Devon, on Sunday.
But to their dismay they claim the room was full of crumbs and rubbish and Sam says he contracted a rash after being bitten by fleas and bed bugs.
The couple also claim that when they demanded a cash refund they were given 80 pound coins, Devon Live reports.
But the hotel says the couple, who turned up two hours early, were given a free upgrade to a new executive suite before they complained.
The hotel also say that the guests spoke and behaved rudely to staff.
But the couple's poor opinion of the hotel is supported by TripAdvisor reviews which rank it as the worst in Torquay at 87th out of 87 hotels in the resort.
The couple from Plymouth tied the knot on Saturday and travelled to Torquay on Sunday for their week-long honeymoon.
When they asked for a refund on the room – which cost £262 for the week – they were given £80 in coins, with the rest set to bank transfer which will take another 10 days to clear.
But the hotel says the coins were the only cash available - unless the couple had come back the next day.
Sarah took to Facebook to post angrily about the hotel, saying: "I got married on Saturday - was the best time of my life marrying my soul mate and love of my life and for our honeymoon we wanted to go to Torquay for the week.
“We booked this place and when we arrived on Sunday we had to wait two hours for our room to be ready.
“We had to wait in a bar with no staff cause (sic) it was only the receptionist workin (sic) during the day.
“Then when we got in our room it was dirty, there was rubbish under our bed, all crumbs and hairs all over the floor, there was (sic) long black hairs in our bed and to top it all off there was (sic) flees on our room and they have bitten my husband raw!!!”
Despite making a complaint to the staff at the venue to clean the room, the couple returned to the room to find that the room was still messy, while the following night saw the couple claim they were “bitten raw” again by the fleas on the bed.
“I’m not gonna lie, it totally broke me and I cried,” the post added.
“I’ve never felt so down and depressed in my life.
“This is our honeymoon and we’re meant to be having fun but instead were both itching and scratching ourselves raw.”
It added: “In the morning we packed our bags and went to the reception and asked for a refund as there was no way we were staying there another night to be told I couldn’t have one, so I asked to see the manager again.
“She came out and I explained about the room and we was (sic) on our honeymoon and she was very arrogant and didn't want to give me and money back.
“She kept saying the rooms are clean and said to me 'I WENT AND CLEANED UR(sic) BED AND HOVERED THE ROOM BUT I DIDN'T PICK UP THE RUBBISH CAUSE I FORGOT.'”
Ms Johnson even claimed that the receptionist squared up to her and tried to kick her and her husband out.
“The best bit was when I said about the flea bites she called me a liar so I got my husband to show her the bites,” she wrote.
“I paid cash when we arrived as well so I couldn’t see what the problem was – it’s just a refund - then they said they will pay it in my bank in 10 days.
“By this time I was gettin (sic) angry and had to leave cause (sic) I was getting (sic) nowhere and the husband stayed inside to try.
“He came out and said they would give us some cash and put the rest in the bank and, would you believe it, they kept money for the two horrible days we spent complaining and itching and they paid us £80 in pound coins. Would u believe their cheek?
“Now, thanks to them and that horrible experience me and the husband (sic) have come home today five days early cause (sic) they’ve totally ruined our honeymoon and, due to them taking a chunk off the money we can’t afford to travel and book anywhere else either.”
The Trecarn Hotel strongly oppose the claims made by Ms Johnson.
Lee Jones, Area manager for Britannia Hotels - the group that owns the Trecarn Hotel – told Devon Live: “As with all national hotel’s check in time is 3:00pm and where possible we do provide an early check in facility for our guests.
“However the guests on arrival at 1:00pm were advised no rooms were available at that point and on returning to the hotel they checked into their allocated room at 3:10pm.
“As the couple were celebrating their Honeymoon they were provided with a complimentary upgrade to an Executive Room in our new accommodation wing which offers an open warm inviting bedroom and en suite bathroom with modern furnishings which are all cleaned to a high standard and the guests made no hotel employee aware of any issues after checking in.
"With regards to the claim of fleas / bed bugs all our beds under go a thorough programme of treatments and checks throughout the year and we have received no previous complaints of this nature as this is something that would be acted upon immediately with necessary steps being taken.
"A refund of monies for the remaining days not being availed of was issued as no member of staff or management should be subjected to disrespectful language and behaviour from any guest which both the receptionist and duty manager were by the said guests and witnessed by other guests.
He added: "Having reviewed the CCTV footage from the various cameras located in the Reception Area along with the statements from not only the affected member of staff who encountered verbal abuse from the said guest but also other guests who witnessed this, at no point did the manager show any unprofessional behaviour.
"The manager requested that the said guest refrain from using obscene language and shouting otherwise she would be asked to leave the premises."
Responding to claims about the money being refunded in coins, Mr Jones said: "This was due to all monies being securely lodged and the coins were the only acceptable way of refunding which the guest was happy to avail of instead of returning the following day."

How does the Trecarn Hotel rank on TripAdvisor?

The 126-bedroom Trecarn Hotel in Torquay was sold by Shearings Hotels to Britannia Hotels for £2.35million in 2016.
The hotel currently ranks as the worst in Torquay on TripAdvisor, ranking 87th out of 87 venues in the area.
Most of the reviews on the site are listed as ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’.
Only two days ago TripAdvisor user eljr101 posted: “Unfortunately taking into account the low cost, it is still not the best!
“The level of cleanliness and hygiene are very low.
“The shower was covered in mould, the carpets had a retched smell, the bed was stained before even slept in.
“What more the toilet barely flushed and the toilet moved away from the floor. However what was more alarming was the open electric socket which exposed live wires, when my partner reached down under the bed he almost put his hand straight on it whilst looking for somewhere to charge his phone.
“We then realised there was only one safe and free socket to use during our stay. There was a foul smell constantly on level one and level two which you had to deal with as coincidently the lifts are out of action along with the wifi until no fixed date due to "refurbishments".
Sopieee334 said: “For £62 a night the owner really needs to sort her standards out!
“I would be embarrassed to own this hotel. Wouldn't recommend.”
Hms1717 added: “It’s filthy dirty, stinking carpets my prison room overlooked an internal roof which was littered with glass and debris.
“The shower was mouldy and the lock to the door held in place by silicon where I assume it had been previously kicked in.
“Do not waste your money."

About Britannia Hotels

The Britannia Hotels chain has twice been voted the worst in Britain by consumer watchdog Which?, with customers complaining of dirty rooms, bedbug bites and poor customer service at its hotels across the country.
Despite the issues, a report last year revealed how the company has gone from strength to strength, with its accounts reportedly showing profits soaring to nearly £20 million.
In 2016, founder Alex Langsam, entered The Sunday Times rich list after amassing an estimate fortune of £220 million.
Dubbed ‘The Asylum King’ after securing lucrative Home Office contracts to house refugees in his budget hotels.
Mr Langsam also owns the Pontins holiday business.

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