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Killer who strangled a mother is let out of jail on day release to buy a Honda Civic then drives off in it when he's freed after serving just half his 26 year sentence as victim's daughter blasts 'joke justice system' (6 Pics)

THE daughter of a woman beaten and strangled to death in an alley has hit out after her mum's killer was allowed out of jail to buy a car while serving a life term.
Christopher Jones, 34, snapped up a Honda Civic while on day release.

On his return, he parked it in the prison car park used by the governor and wardens.
The Sun was given information that Jones was let out for a day as his parole date was coming up.
He drove off in the car when freed after serving half of his 26 years for murdering a mum of three.
He was wearing designer gear as he left the open prison in Usk, South Wales, last month.
Christopher Jones was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2005 - but has been pictured on day release

Jones and brother Stuart were jailed for life in 2005 for beating and strangling Shirley Oliver, 42, in a Cardiff alley over a £400 car repair bill.
Yesterday her daughter Stephanie Davis, 34, said: “How can someone serving life be allowed to pop out of jail to buy a car? It’s wrong.”
Mother-of-three Ms Oliver was dragged from the car, hit with a car lock, stamped on, strangled and had her hair pulled out, before being left for dead in a side alley

Ms Oliver's daughter Stephanie Davis has now hit out at the justice system, labelling it a 'total joke'

A source said: “This happened with the full knowledge of the prison authorities.
"It begs the question where he got money from to buy a car like that. It’s nicer than some the staff drive.”
Stuart Jones, 44, is still locked up but is due for parole in 2020.

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