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Mortified mum discovers daughter's drawing of her hungover during parents' evening - and her teacher's response is just brilliant (5 Pics)

Aren't kids just the best?
Whenever we feel like we're doing okay at the whole parenting thing, they always seem to come up with new ways to embarrass us.
Whether it's to friends, family or their teachers they seem to have a knack of making us look like awful people.
Margaret Stevenson's daughter Lucie managed to do this in spectacular fashion by drawing a rather embarrassing photo of her mum at school.
Margaret, who lives in Kilmarnock in Scotland, didn't know anything about the picture - until she spotted it at parents' evening.
He husband Scott, 39, was flicking through some of Lucie's work when he noticed the 'ingenious' artwork.
The drawing shows the mum-of-two lying in bed with a sick bucket.
Next to the drawing Lucie, seven, wrote: "On Sunday my mummy got sick. She [had] horrible juices to drink and she needs to rest."
Underneath her teacher had written: "Oh, I hope she feels better soon!"
Margaret said: "I was mortified. Kids are truthful and they just say what they think.
"It is funny what they take in.
"I thought it was ingenious to include the sick bucket.
"Scott just couldn't stop laughing. He thought it was hilarious.
"We are still laughing about it now. We have shown the drawing to our friends and family and everybody loves it."
The night before the inspiration for Lucie's artwork Margaret had been out with the school mums.
She said: "I remember she was laughing about it at the time but she was quite concerned that something was wrong. She doesn't know about drinking and hangovers."

Lucie was a bit concerned after seeing her mum in the hungover state which led to her dad telling her that Margaret had just drank too much 'horrible juice'.
Margaret said: "I'm sure the teacher would have put two and two together.
"I haven't actually met her teacher yet but I'm pretty sure she will see the funny side of it.
"I had been drinking Prosecco. It was lethal. I can no longer drink it because of that night.
"I don't drink very often. It was a particularly bad hangover. I stayed in bed all day.
"It must have stuck with her because I don't really drink so she hasn't seen me like that before. Kids do the funniest things.
"It could have been worse. She kept walking in on me with my head over the toilet, so at least that wasn't in the picture."

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