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"Nightmare from hell": Family's £340k dream home "spoiled" as furious dad counts '154 problems' hours after moving in (7 Pics)

A dad says his £340,000 dream home has become a "nightmare from hell" after he counted "154 issues" just hours after moving in.
Bryan Don, 42, said he was horrified by the "shoddy" state of his new build property in Garston, Liverpool, when he was handed the keys three days before Christmas.
Hours after moving in, Bryan said he found more than 150 problems with the home, which he said had been a "nightmare from hell".
Developers Morris Homes have apologised to the dad-of-one and stressed they "take the quality of their homes very seriously".
After having problems with his previous new-build home, Bryan claims he told Morris staff he wanted to perform a "snagging" visit to flag any issues with the property before moving in.
However, the day before they were due to move in, Bryan and his partner Zoe arrived to do a walk-through and they claim a number of jobs were still unfinished - including a water leak on one of the ceilings, Liverpool Echo reports.
They moved in on December 22 - and Bryan claims that, as soon as the family arrived at their new home, he started noticing problems.
Project manager Bryan claims there were wet marks on the ceilings, lines in the plaster and no grass laid in the back garden, as it was "too wet" to put the turf down.
He said: "We moved all our stuff in and I started noticing all the issues - by the early hours of the morning, I had 154 issues."
Bryan paid £336,750 for the Garston property - and he claims he and his partner added an extra £16,500 onto the price by paying for top-of-the range upgrades.

Despite this, he claims the quality of the work that went into his new-build was "shoddy" and that jobs like the tiling were not carried out to the standard he expected.
He also claims the wardrobes were poorly constructed, meaning he couldn't close the sliding mirrored doors once he put his clothes inside.
Speaking about his housing woes, Mr Don said: "It was meant to be a dream home. I work away and one of the points is that I don't get to see the family all the time - it was a dream home I've put a lot into. I've pulled out every last penny to make it.
"It has been horrendous. We walked in and our dreams were spoiled."
He added: "We expected to have all our furniture delivered.
"We've had to move items from room to room because one is always being worked on or had different workmen around all the time.
"It has been the nightmare from hell."
Bryan said his 11-year-old son wasn't able to play outside in the family's new garden when they moved in, as the lack of grass and adverse weather conditions turned it into a boggy mess.
He said: "You couldn’t step out to put the rubbish in the bin without wellies on."

The move has put an immense amount of strain on Bryan and his family - he said his partner was reduced to tears by the stress and that it had taken their relationship to "breaking point".
A spokesperson for Morris Homes said: "We take the quality of our homes very seriously and are sorry that, on this occasion, our customer is not completely satisfied.
"However, we believe we have addressed this and that any issues are now fully resolved.
"Due to the adverse weather conditions experienced, it has not yet been possible to lay the turf.
"We are working on a suitable time with the customer to complete this now the weather is improving."

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