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Pictured: Mangled ruins of Syrian chemical weapons lab destroyed by British, US and French airstrikes (23 Pics)

  • Syrian State TV showed the ruins of the facility in Barzeh, near Damascus in ruins following the air strikes
  • Both Russia and Syria have described the attacks as 'flagrant violation' of international law earlier today
  • The United States and its allies waged up to 120 air strikes on Syria on Friday, with strikes hitting three targets
  • The Pentagon said none of their air strikes were intercepted by Syrian air defences during their mission
  • Syrian state TV says 13 missiles fired in attack had been shot down, while Russia says 70 were intercepted
  • Mattis and Dunford acknowledged the strike was designed to degrade Syria's chemical weapons capability 
  • Three civilians have been wounded in the attack on a military base in Homs, although no reported casualties
  • President Donald Trump said Friday he ordered precision strikes in Syria with support of France and UK
  • Trump said it was in retaliation for Bashar al-Assad's poison gas attack last weekend on the city of Douma

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