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Several people killed as car ploughs into crowd in German town leaving dozens injured before 'driver shoots himself'

 A man has shot himself after ploughing a van into a crowd of people outside a restaurant in Germany leaving three dead and more than 30 injured.
Authorities are treating the incident, which happened outside the four-star eatery Grosser Kiepenkerl, in Münster, as a terror attack - although this is yet to be officially confirmed.
Three people are believed to be dead, six in critical condition and dozens more injured.
Police said the driver shot and killed himself at the scene and they are not looking for further suspects.
First pictures from the scene show a busy pedestrianised square with a mass of chairs and tables in disarray moments after the smash.
Families previously enjoying food and sunshine close to the Kiepenkerl statue appear scattered; tending to victims on the floor and pointing towards the devastation.
One photo shows what appears to be a grey van crashed into the side of a building.
 Police are in the process of clearing the area and part of the old town is sealed off.
Emergency services are on site with helicopters and, according to reports, officers are looking for explosives.

Police said on the Twitter the situation is still "confusing".
A fire department spokesman said around 50 people have been affected.
The attack happened in Kiepenkerl, Munster, according to reports.

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