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Tesla driver uses Autopilot to 'recreate' fatal California accident - the results are terrifying

 A Tesla nearly crashed while on autopilot in the same spot where a Model X was involved in a fatal accident.
Apple engineer Walter Huang, 38, died when his Tesla hit a barrier on a freeway in California's Silicon Valley last month.
Horrific images showed the car left a complete wreck.
It also set on fire, though this was after Mr Huang, a da-of-two, had been rescued.
He later died in hospital.

Tesla eventually confirmed that the Autopilot feature had been engaged at the time of the crash.
But Elon Musk's company claimed Mr Huang failed to take heed warnings for him to resume control of the steering wheel for six seconds before the crash.
 The incident remains under investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board.
Driver Shantanu Joshi decided to test out the circumstances of the crash and shared the terrifying results on YouTube.
He took his car to the spot on the 101 Highway near Mountain View, California and it only narrowly avoided a crash in the exact same spot.
"I low key freaked out, but the car definitely starts swerving left without giving me any warnings, right into that divider," Mr Joshi told CBS .

"The lanes are not marked clearly on the road, so the camera attached to the Tesla vehicle is having a difficult time", Fred Barez, a professor of mechanical engineering at San Jose State University told the programme.
"Tesla believes in having eight cameras all around the vehicle and they monitor the presence of the lanes on the road."

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