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Glamorous granny without single grey hair or stretch marks shares her incredible age-defying secrets (10 Pics)

A glamorous granny competing with teens in beauty contests claims the secret to youthful looks is avoiding plastic and living without chemicals - despite having a boob job.
Gina Stewart is regularly mistaken for a woman half her age but the single mum-of-four and grandma-of-one is actually 47.
Previously Gina claimed to have never had botox but now admits she had it once and fillers twice, but the effects have since worn off.
Gina, from the Gold Coast, Australia knocked scores of much younger women out of the running for the coveted ‘Miss Maxim’ crown.
And now she's opened up about her lifestyle with tips to help others.
Gina claims her age-defying looks are down to the lack of chemicals in her life.
She claims she never drinks out of plastic bottles or eats from plastic Tupperware to keep herself young.
Mum to James, 27, Casey, 25, Cody, 22 and Summer, 4 and is nana to James’ 10-month-old daughter, Gina said: “Being as natural as I can, inside and out, is what I believe has kept me looking so young.
“I stay away from all forms of plastic as much as I possibly can.
“I will never drink out of a plastic water bottle or eat out of plastic Tupperware contains because of all the chemicals.
“I won’t ever use plastic wrap to cover up my food either. It’s not good for you.
“All plastics affect our hormones which lead to infertility, cancers, hormone imbalances and all sorts of things.
“Its common sense that chemicals do not belong in our bodies.
“While it is impossible to avoid all chemicals, I'm learning to eliminate them as much as possible.
“It can be easy to look after yourself as naturally as possible by eating plant-based products and foods that are inexpensive.
“I’ve also never drank coffee my entire life.
“My mother always told me it was bad for you, and it was probably the only advice I’ve ever taken from her.
“I stay away from all kinds of alcohol, and I don’t smoke.
“I also try and have at least two or three litres of alkaline water a day, but I avoid tap water.
“I only eat organic fruits and vegetables, and I stay away from all packaged and processed food.
“I eat hormone-free white meat, and try to avoid red meat.
“I eat eggs and avocados everyday as they’re just so healthy, but I keep away from sugar as much as possible as well as bread, pasta and potatoes.
“I try to keep at a healthy weight, and I work out at the gym for just 10 to 20 minutes, four times a week to stay healthy and toned, just doing some weights and very light cardio.
“Curves are sexy, and I think once women become too thin or too muscly, they lose their softness and it ages them very quickly because they lose the youthful plumpness from their face.”
While many women find themselves splurging on high-end skincare products that promise to reverse the aging process, stunning Gina says the secret to looking younger is keeping it simple.
She said the best decision she ever made was to completely eradicate all chemicals from every facet of her life, and says it’s her top tip for looking 20 years younger.
And she gave up all pharmaceuticals six years ago after spending 16 years dependent on a ‘potent cocktail’ of antidepressants and anxiety medication.
Now the only supplement Gina takes daily is Moringa extract – a herb derived from a tree native to the Himalayas – which contains a variety of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and boasts anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antidepressant properties.
And well as using organic rosehip and coconut oil religiously on her face, body and hair, Gina says she only uses all-natural toothpaste and deodorant.
And although she make a conscious effort to take care of herself, Gina admits she does always let herself indulge in her favourite foods.
But since banning chemicals and plastic from her life, she claims she has shed 15kg (2st 5lbs).
She said: “Chocolate is my weakness so I don't deny myself of this, and I’ll have a small chocolate almost every day. I will let myself pig out once a month.
“I avoid alcohol, but on special occasions I’ll have a glass of red wine.
“With skincare, I was using all these expensive, brand-name products that were packed full of different ingredients that promised to make me look amazing.

“But it wasn’t making any difference, and in fact, they often made my skin break out and become irritated.
“I decided to try the natural route and it’s been so much better for my skin and my pocket.
“It’s made a huge difference, and people always tell me that my skin is fresh and glowing.

“When I was on all those different medications, I looked absolutely terrible.
‘My face was all distorted, my eyes looked strange, my skin was awful, and I was constantly bloated.
“Now I feel energetic, happy and alive – and I look so much better now than I did twenty years ago.”
In her younger years


  1. Limit coffee, soft drink and alcohol intake, and drink at least two litres of water daily, preferably alkaline.
  2. Use rosehip oil on the face to achieve a healthy and glowing complexion, and put coconut oil on the body to keep the skin soft and supple.
  3. Eat natural foods and fill up on organic fruits and vegetables, while staying away from packaged and processed food.
  4. Avoid chemicals in daily life by using natural deodorant, toothpaste and skincare, and limit the use of plastic containers and drink bottles.
  5. If possible, cut down on the use of heavy medications and find natural alternatives.

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