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'I'm a princess': US teen who demanded a £170,000 SUV for her birthday says her mother is forcing her to live like a 'peasant' after she cut her monthly allowance from £4,000 to £750

A 'spoilt' teenager claims her mum is forcing her to live 'like a peasant' after cutting her allowance.
Nicolette, 15, appeared on chat show Dr Phil to explain her mum halved her monthly budget from £1,800 to £750.
Nicolette said she was upset by the parenting move, which also involved mum Nina inviting a family friend to move in and help implement the spending reduction.
Joel now chauffeurs the teenager around and makes sure she doesn't sneak in any additional finances.
Despite her bank account taking a big hit, Nicolette still initially managed to splash out on her credit cards in order to keep up with her friends in Beverly Hills, LA.
Now mum Nina has had enough and is enforcing the rules with an iron fist.
Nina told the show: "My teenage daughter is extravagant, spoilt and bratty.
"Nicolette is beyond entitled."
Nicolette talked about her typical day on the talk show. She said she spends her days shopping for designer clothes, having lunch in Beverly Hills, and making YouTube videos.
She has numerous Chanel handbags and a host of other luxury goods.
"My mum raised me with everything I wanted and she needs to continue because it's the only life I've ever known," said Nicolette.
"I feel like a peasant [after having her allowance slashed]. I can't live like this anymore.
"I'm always out of money. If you ask me, I feel like my mum should be giving me $2,500 (£1,832) a month just to cover my basic expenses.
"I need money to buy clothes, I need money to buy shoes - my mum just doesn't get it."
But Nina is holding firm and is refusing to give her daughter any more income.
She said: "She'll blow through £1,000 a week and tell me that she needs more money."
Nicolette also told Dr Phil that she doesn't have any goals for the future. She admitted to not having plans to get a job and only wants to be rich.
The 15-year-old has aspirations to drive a Mercedes and wear fashionable clothes.
"When my mum doesn't give me more money, I make her life a living hell," Nicolette protested.
"I have my ways."

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