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'Nothing Holy Spirit about this airline, y'all need to quit playing with Jesus': Nightmare passenger refuses to exit Spirit Airlines plane and films bizarre religious rant on Facebook Live, insulting cabin crew and passengers

An angry Spirit Airlines passenger caused her entire plane to disembark after she refused to leave the aircraft.

Safira Allen was flying Spirit out of Atlanta, Georgia, on May 1 when a flight attendant approached her saying she was denied boarding and would have to leave.

Instead of leaving she launched a heated rant which she filmed on Facebook Live complaining that the airline allegedly refused to reimburse her after three missed flights.
The 18-minute clip has gone viral with nearly three million views in which Allen calls the airline's name blasphemous saying 'ain't nothing spiritual about this plane' and says she refuses to get off the plane until she is reimbursed.

Allen claimed she missed an earlier flight because the gate closed 20 minutes early. 
She also said she missed three flights with the airline. 

The flight she's sitting in seems to be a following flight, which she refuses to leave despite being asked.
'I’m not getting off this plane. Girl let me share this because this not right. How are y’all going to inconvenience me. I get on the plane and y’all telling me I have to get off? No. Today I’m not,' she says..
She adds that she's an orthodox woman and criticizes the name of the plane. 

'Y’all going to use Jesus’ name the Holy Spirit? No that’s got to change, y’all need to be called something else, y’all need to change y’all name because nothing Holy Spirit about this airline, no. But y’all say ‘yall represent God. Y’all need to quit playing with Jesus, and I’m not getting off this plane,' she says.

A black flight attendant tells her: 'You've got to come on, the police is waiting for you'.
Allen then says that the flight attendant confiscated her boarding pass and says she was told she was banned from the Atlanta airport.  

'Security, where he at, because I’m not getting off this plane. Every time I fly Spirit it’s a problem but I guarantee you Spirit has all my money and they want to charge me and tell me that I have to fly another airline? I’m banned from the airport in Atlanta?' she says. 
'I’m sitting on this airline and she’s telling me I have to get off this plane. I’m trying to go to Las Vegas. She took my boarding pass that I paid for. Who finna get off this plane? ... After you made me miss my flight because you closed your gate early I’m not getting off,' she adds.  
Later a voice is heard on the intercom telling passengers to deplane.

As passengers begin to walk off the plane, Allen points towards the exit and says 'Yeah y'all go that way. Hell's that way'.

When Asian passengers pass by she insults them saying 'Konnichiwa, welcome to America' laughing to herself.  

After everyone exits the plane she berates cabin crew and the pilot. 
Then a police officer arrives on the scene.

'I’m the police supervisor. This is Ms. Phillips she’s the representative for Spirit Airlines. From what I understand you have been denied boarding and you are not going on this flight,' he says. 

'I don't care about boarding the flight, I care about making a difference,' she says. 
When he asks her to pack her stuff and exit the plane she complies and willingly exits the plane, leaving with a final 'Spirit ain't s***' statement. 

As she walks back into the airport she's still ranting into the camera until the officer asks her to put her hands behind her back so he can seemingly arrest her.       

On social media she announced they then try to put her on the 'No Fly List' and arrested her. 
' ...Then the Cities finest Atlanta Police Department takes me to jail for Trespassing & beating up a cop. When SGT Baker ( the white cop who said "ain't NO CUZ" ) knocked the phone out my hand PUSHED me down hella hard & called me a "Black B****" ...all while my left hand is dripping blood from the carpet burn & my left knee is out of my socket. Then the guard asks : are you really smiling on your booking photo. My Response: "S*** I'm INNOCENT! Fam... why Do I need to mean mug on a booking photo?' she wrote on Instagram.  

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