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Rapid response nurse has car clamped at own hospital and has to pay £60 to get it removed (4 Pics)

A nurse had her car clamped when it was parked up in the hospital car park and had to pay £60 to get it removed.
Sarah Todd has hit out at hospital car clamping policy that kept her from seeing sick and vulnerable patients.
Sarah is based at Newtownards Hospital in Northern Ireland, but travels throughout the community delivering much-needed medical care and medication, reports Belfast Live .
However, the rapid response nurse found herself unable to go anywhere last Friday after her car was clamped in the hospital car park.
And she said it stayed that way from 10am until she paid £60 cash to have it removed at around 1.30pm.
The community staff nurse admits her parking permit wasn’t on show, but said the PEA parking company worker who turned up to release her mini demanded £60 even after she produced it.
"I pay £15 a month out of my wages to park there," said the Bangor mum.
"My car was parked in an area where I am allowed to park, but PEA clamped it preventing me from going to see unwell patients.
"I rang them to come and take if off and they refused until the money was paid.
"My permit had fallen off when I was driving so it wasn’t visible, but they could have checked the reg with the office,” she added.
“The car sits there every day with a ticket on it."
But the 31-year-old said she is not the only hospital worker suffering parking woes at the site.
Before her car was clamped last Friday, Sarah said she had already been issued two parking tickets adding, "half the hospital has".
"No one else has been clamped but loads have had tickets," she continued.
"There’s girls in my office who have to park in other places and their cars are getting damaged.
"A nurse parked her car and when she went back someone had put dog dirt on the door handles. It’s really bad."

Sarah said she would like to see something done about the parking problems at the hospital. And that she would like to have her £60 repaid.
She added: "It says on the sign that it’s £40 and I had to pay £60, which left me with no money. I rang them and they just didn’t want to know."
As for the parking tickets she got, she said she "couldn’t afford them but did try and appeal one of them with no joy".
PEA manager Tom Harrington admitted that his staff clamped the nurse's car last Friday, but said it "was immobilised in accordance with the regulations pertaining to the site".
'Controlled management of car parks' was introduced at the hospital in March according to the South Eastern Trust, but PEA has worked for them since June 2016.
The trust also said it makes no money from fines imposed on staff.
A spokesman added: "All staff who are issued with a parking permit are clearly instructed at the time of collection to display their permit at all times and they are aware of the possible consequences of failing to display a valid permit.
"The trust can confirm alternative arrangements were made and patient care was not affected as a result of this incident."

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