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Rare Photos Of First Australasian Antarctic Expedition Taken 100 Years Ago Will Make You Shiver (36 Pics)

More than a hundred years ago, the young Australian geologist Douglas Mawson embarked on a first Australasian Antarctic expedition. This expedition is deemed legendary for the resilience, physical endurance, loyalty and accomplishments of the crew.
The Australasian Antarctic Expedition began in 1991. The objective was to investigate, as far as possible, a stretch of essentially unknown Antarctic coast. However this mission turned out to be fatal for 2 of Mawson's crew members. Belgrave Ninnis plummeted down a crevasse with a sledge carrying most of their supplies. Another crew member, Xavier Mertz, perished from exhaustion, starvation and possible toxicity from eating dogs' livers. Mawson's survival was a miracle, as he described it in his journals “Never have I come so near an end; never has anyone more miraculously escaped".
Despite the sacrifices that were made, the 3 years spent in sub-zero temperatures and extremely harsh winds didn't go to waste. The expedition managed to chart large segments of east Antarctic coastline and resulted in major contributions to the knowledge of the region. Furthermore, species on land and sea, previously unknown, were described for the first time. Mawson was hailed as a hero for his persistence, determination and bravery which contributed to the advancement of science.
Thanks to the photographer Frank Hurley and other crew members, we can witness this groundbreaking expedition through these astonishing photographs.
Huskies Pulling Sledge
Blizzard, The Pup In Antarctica
Mushroom Ice Formation
Ice Cased Adelie Penguins After A Blizzard At Cape Denison
Skeleton Of Sea-Elephant & Harold Hamilton
Frozen Adelie Penguin, Antarctica
Wreck Of The ‘Gratitude’ In Macquarie Island
C.t. Madigan With An Ice Mask
Sclater Penguin

F. Bickerton Looking Out Over Seas Near Commonwealth Bay

Cavern Carved By The Sea In An Ice Wall Near Commonwealth Bay
Shags Defending Nest, Macquarie Island
Weddell Seal In Shackleton Ice Shelf, Antarctica
A Dreamy Venice In Seal-Land
Photo Of The Crew Members

Wild & Watson In Sleeping Bag Tent On Sledge Journey
Mertz Leaving The Hut By The Trapdoor On The Verandah Roof
Arthur Sawyer & Sea Elephant Pup
Australian Antarctic Expedition Members In The Kitchen
Mawson Rests At The Side Of Sledge, Outward Bound On First Sledge Journey In Adelie Land
Female Sea-Elephant, Macquarie Island
A Radiant Turret Lit By The Midsummer Midnight Sun
Frank Hurley Washing Cinematograph Film On The “Aurora”
Bage In The Entrance To The Astronomic Observatory
Victoria Penguin
Winter Quarters, Queen Mary Land Winter
In Full Sledging Gear On The Plateau
The Air-Tractor
State Library Of New South Wales Follow Aurora Traversing Loose Pack Ice Entering The Durville Sea
Start Of The First Depot Journey; “The Grottoes”
Bob Bage And J. Hunter At 65 Miles South
Madigan At The Rail & Mawson Stepping From The Rail Of The Aurora
Unloading Supplies At Cape Denison

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