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WATCH: Michelle Obama Laments Little Girls Dreaming Of Weddings, Applauds Actress For Bypassing Marriage And Kids

On Saturday, Michelle Obama sat down with "Blackish" actress Tracee Ellis Ross at the Sate of Women Summit in Los Angeles, California. The former first lady used the opportunity to slam traditional values, lamented little girls dreaming of their weddings, and applauded the 45-year-old actress for bypassing a marriage and children for her successful career.
Ellis Ross asked, "What are we asking women and men, or boys and girls, to dream of different things? We talk so much about empowering young girls, what is the conversation?"
“I still think that your girls are taught to be perfect, and I think they still dream of weddings and the security of the prince charming," she said.
Obama then suggests that feminists are still "working on" changing that reality. "I think we're working on it." she said. "I'm proud of what I hear from young girls, but I think something happens when they get to that stage where you're supposed to be married and have kids."
"Missed it!" the actress interrupts. Ms. Ellis Ross is an unmarried 45-year-old with no children but a very successful career.
“Good for you. Good for you," applauded Mrs. Obama. "But there’s still the notion, when you say, 'Oh you don’t have kids.' Tracee Ellis Ross must not be happy because she’s not married with kids.'
"Look where I'm sitting," emphasizes Ellis Ross.
I wonder how many women would trade their husbands and children to sit across from a first lady for an interview?
"Look at it!" Mrs. Obama agreed. "And look at what she is doing with her life. But still societally, we kinda look at that and go, 'Oh, you poor thing.' And then you're happy as a clam until somebody [says something] and then you start thinking, 'Maybe I'm not happy.'"
Yes, I'm sure the emptiness and unhappiness an unmarried, childless 45-year-old woman feels is only due to societal pressures and has nothing to do with her biology.
Here, Mrs. Obama, a happily married women with two lovely daughters, has unleashed an attack on traditionalism, telling girls and young women that wanting marriage and children is somehow wrong an unfulfilling. In the name of feminism, women must reject their most innate desires and work 80-hour weeks to achieve true happiness. Or something.
WATCH (relevant comments begin at the 22:45-mark):

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