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Businessman gets death threats for business card reading ‘Your Alternative to Illegal Lawn Services’

Jeff Hinkle, the owner of a North Texas lawn care company, is under fire for an old sample business card that has resurfaced and caused controversy.

What’s on the business card?

The sample business card — which Hinkle tells KTVT-TV was from three years ago and was never meant to go public — appeared on social media and caused outrage.
The sample card touts the business as “Carrollton’s Original Lawn Service,” and is specific that the company is American-owned.
It also reads, “Your Alternative to Illegal Lawn Services.”

What did the resident say?

According to KTVT, one such person, Carrollton resident Fonzie Guzman, said that he was initially upset when he saw Hinkle’s sample business card, but upon reflection, felt bad for the business owner.
“I was upset at first, but once I broke it down, I thought, I feel bad for this guy,” Guzman told KTVT.
“‘American owned.’ ‘Your alternative to illegal lawn services’ and ‘Taking back Carrollton – one lawn at a time,'” he added. “Who took it? Nobody took Carrollton.”
Guzman continued, “I don’t wish bad upon him, but at the same time, be careful how you promote your business. I hope his business grows, but doing it the right way. Not shaming other peoples’ businesses or their background.”

What did Hinkle say?

KTVT reported that Hinkle wouldn’t speak on camera, but issued a statement that read, in part, “Many card samples were made up to determine which wording would be used to let customers know there are legitimate, honest, tax paying lawn services with excellent credentials and verifiable backgrounds.”
Hinkle’s new business card — which he sent to KTVT — has no verbiage about immigrants.
According to KTVT, Hinkle and his family received death threats, and Hinkle is concerned for the safety of his family.
You can see the image of Hinkle’s new card below:

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