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Mother-of-two is branded a 'planet rapist' by anonymous neighbour who pinned a note to her front door after she concreted over her garden (4 Pics)

A MUM was horrified to discover an anonymous note branding her a "planet rapist" after she concreted her front garden.
Judith Cook found the letter from an irate environmentalist attached to her front door days after she covered the tiny patch of land.
Judith Cook found notes pinned to her door calling her a 'planet rapist'

She claims her two children - Oakly, seven, and Ezra, two - even asked her what a rapist was after the family discovered the note.
The mum has been renovating the house in Ramsgate, Kent, with partner Michael Simpson and was planning to pave the garden and turn it into an "oasis" using pot plants.
She said: "It’s ironic because I personally go out of my way recycle and to reuse, I’m very environmentally conscious. I was a bit annoyed, to be honest.
“My front garden was already half concrete and half mud, just a pile of rubbish. It looked terrible.
One of the vile notes pinned to Ms Cook's door branded her a 'Planet Rapist'

“My neighbours next door have the most beautiful garden and it’s concreted and paved.“They have the most beautiful pots. It’s brimming with plants.
"I’m not that green-fingered, but in my head I had plans for a beautiful garden like theirs.”
Judith has now hit out at the poison letter writer, who also left a note saying: "Ugly concrete garden. Shame on you.”
Another note that said 'Ugly concrete garden. Shame on you' was also stuck to her door
Picture of the garden before it was concreted over

She claims she had to pave over the garden as one of the walls was mouldy and she and her son both suffer from asthma.
Judith posted about it on Facebook where locals flooded the post with messages of support but has decided not to inform the police.
The Waitrose worker said: "I don’t know if I’m angry really, but it was so stupid, petty and ignorant.

“I’m more annoyed that they didn’t knock on the door and have a conversation about it. I like to talk to people.

"At least then I can have my say but just sticking a note on the door and running away and hiding, I just think it’s one-sided and ignorant.

“And they used very environmentally unfriendly duct tape, wrote in a marker pen, not pencil, and wasted a postcard to write it."

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