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Soccer mom and dads beware! Furious youth soccer referee posts videos of 'jerk' parents fighting on the sidelines and offers $100 for footage of brawls in a bid to stop the 'toxic environment'

A youth soccer referee who is fed up with parent misbehavior on the sidelines has decided to shame them by posting videos of their antics online. 
Brian Barlow, 44, has been a youth league referee in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 14 years, and finally became so fed up with outrageous parent behavior that he launched a Facebook page called Offside to shame them.
'I do it to hold people accountable — to identify and call out the small percentage of parents who nonetheless create a toxic environment at youth sports,' Barlow, told the New York Times in an article published on Wednesday. 
'It's a very visual deterrent, and not just to the person caught on video but to others who ask themselves: Do I look like that jerk?'

Soliciting videos from across the country, Barlow offers to pay a $100 bounty if he decides to publish a submitted video.
Barlow calls the worst offenders - the screamers, abusers and brawlers - 'cheeseburgers'.
'It's the 2 per cent of people who make an absolute a** of themselves at a sporting event, usually a youth sporting event,' he explained in a video on the page. 'It's the people that are sitting on a sideline, usually in a chair... probably couldn't run a 100-yard dash if you gave them five minutes and a hundred dollar bill.'

Barlow, who works in marketing, says that the videos have had a positive effect on some parents. 
One who was caught acting out even reformed so much that she decided to become a referee herself.
But for some rage-a-holics, the public shaming doesn't seem to spur self-reflection. 
Barlow told the Times: 'Some people, frankly, want to punch me in the mouth.'

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