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Stubborn OAP orders woman to leave 'my seat' on bus and even sits on her to try to get her to move

An OAP shouted at another woman on the bus and demanded she moved from her favourite seat.
In the astonishing clip, the pensioner even sits on the other passenger in a desperate bid to get her own way.
The pair were filmed on the number 78 bus in London travelling from Shoreditch High Street to Peckham.
The video begins with the pensioner – who carries a walking stick – standing over the woman who is sitting in ‘her’ seat on the bus.
She yells: “You move!” but the seated woman calmly responds saying: “I’m not getting off here.”
The pensioner angrily retorts back: “What do you mean you’re not gonna get off!”
Then shockingly, the furious old lady sits on the woman to force her to leave the seat.
However, this doesn’t deter the woman who remains calmly where she is.
After her first plan fails, she then grabs the woman by the shoulder instead and screams: “Come on, get off! Get off!”
The enraged pensioner then yells: “I’m going to tell the driver. I always sit there, all the way home.”
The old lady points at the empty seat next to the sitting woman and shouts: “I’m not sitting there!”
The seated woman remains quiet and the pensioner continues shouting at her: “Where you going? Where you going? No further than me – I’m going to the very last stop."
The seated woman ignores the old lady and starts unfolding her newspaper to read, as the pensioner continues to rant.
Then a man boards the bus, tries to get past her to get to the several empty seats on the vehicle, asking: “Sorry, can I squeeze past?”
However the old lady starts telling the bewildered man about her argument with the seated woman.
She tells him: “Just a minute love. She won’t move and I always sit here!”
It is at this point that another female passenger on the bus intervenes.
She gestures at another empty seat on the vehicle and tells the pensioner: “Just sit here. It’s empty.”
But the stubborn old lady retorts back: “I don’t want to sit here because I can’t put my legs there.”
The intervening passenger asks “Why?” and the pensioner responds: “Because I can’t! They’re not long enough to sit there and I’ve got my stick and all!”
The video then cuts out and it is not known how the situation was resolved.

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