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'Bear in driveway': UPS note left in North Asheville is a hit

UPS drivers face a lot of hardships: Endless traffic, snarling dogs, the scorching summer heat and frigid winters.
But one driver in North Carolina came face to face with something much more unusual last week.
A North Carolina woman, who was expecting the delivery of a package, instead found a note in her mailbox. The United Parcel Service driver left Marcy Lanier a "failed delivery" notice -- just three words long -- that said he couldn't put the package on her porch.
"Bear in driveway," said the note.
Lanier, who lives in Asheville, posted the note on Facebook. "Like I say. Only in Asheville!" she wrote.
Her friends and relatives got in the spirit. "Bear with it," one Facebook user wrote. "I woulda wrestled that bear and delivered that package," another said. "Sounds like what would happen at my house!" yet another added.
"We get bears all the time," Lanier told WLOS. "So there was a bear in the driveway, so he couldn’t drop it off on my front porch. He normally drops my packages on my front porch. So that’s how it happened. He could stay safe in his truck, on the road," she said, noting that her mailbox was a safe distant from where the bear was.
Pat Burchell wrote on Lanier's Facebook page that perhaps she should have used a different delivery service.
"Should have used FedEx -- remember Tom Hanks in Castaway? He delivered at the end of the movie and look what he went through!!!"

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