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'I work for the world's richest man and I live in my CAR': Amazon employee claims she is shacked-up in warehouse parking lot after she was injured on the job TWICE and received no sick pay for her time away

AN ex-Amazon employee claims she ended up being evicted from her home and having to sleep at the warehouse car park after becoming injured at work and receiving no sick pay.
Vickie Shannon Allen, 49, from Texas, says she suffers back problems because of their faulty equipment.

Without full pay she fell behind on her rent and was made homeless.
She uploaded a heartfelt YouTube video in which she laid bare her plight and made allegations against Amazon.
Standing by her car which was parked outside her workplace, she said: "I just can't believe this is my life now. I am just in awe that I live in my car at my job - who does that?
“I work for the world's richest man [Jeff Bezos] and I live in my car.”
Ms Allen claims Amazon gave medical attention after her injury but bosses sent her home every day without pay because she was unable to work.
After nine months of wrangling with the company, she says she ended up with just ONE day’s paid leave.
She alleged she refused the firm’s offer of a buyout of only for $3,500 (£2,600), which meant she would have to sign a nondisclosure agreement to not say anything derogatory about Amazon or my experience.
Allen said she had found somewhere to live more permanently but needed money to pay the first month's rent and deposit.
After being contacted by Sun Online about the claims, a spokesman said: “We don’t recognize these allegations as an accurate portrayal of working at Amazon.
“We are proud of our safety record and thousands of Amazonians work hard every day innovating ways to make it even better.
“Ensuring the safety of these associates is our number one priority.
“We encourage anyone to come see for themselves by taking a tour at one of our fulfillment centres.”
The global online shopping goliath is at the centre of claims in the UK and across the world about poor working conditions.

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