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‘I’d offer him an apprenticeship any day’: Gordon Ramsay tweets job offer to teenage dwarf, 18, who was banned from college cookery course because his height made him a ‘health and safety’ risk

 Gordon Ramsay has offered a job to the 18-year-old chef who says he was banned from his college cooking course after being labelled a ‘health and safety risk’. 

Louis Makepeace says he was chucked off a catering course at Heart of Worcestershire College because he was too small and was told he would cause a ‘disruption’ to the other 14 students on the course if he ‘got under people’s feet’. Chef Ramsay, 51, said the decision was ‘disgusting’ and added: ‘I’d offer him an apprenticeship any day’.

Louis, from Worcester, said it would be a ‘dream come true’ to work with Ramsay after he tweeted the job offer to his 6.8 million followers. At just 3ft 10ins tall, he said he has been discriminated against due to his size and was ‘amazed’ to receive backing from the celebrity chef.

‘I can’t believe he has seen it and is supporting me as I am a huge fan of his,’ the teenager said. ‘I watch all his videos on Youtube as well as his TV shows – I really love his leek and tarragon pasta recipe and I cook his stuff all the time. ‘It would be an honour to work with him. I really hope he means it as it would be a dream come true.’

Louis was originally offered a conditional place for the Hospitality and Catering course on August 16 but said the college backtracked because he is too small for the kitchen. His mum Pauline, 56, claims she was also told by the course leader there was no point in him doing the course as he would ‘never be allowed to work in a restaurant kitchen anyway’. 

Louis, who has achondroplasia, a form of short-limbed dwarfism, said: ‘It was really upsetting as I had my heart set on this course. ‘We are supposed to have equality of opportunity yet I’m not allowed to do something I love doing. ‘They are simply not prepared to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate me such as making the surfaces and hobs lower.

‘We were prepared to be flexible and my mum said I could maybe do the cooking at home whilst the new equipment was installed but they kept saying no. ‘They said I would be a health and safety risk and disruption to the other students and get in their way, which was really humiliating.

‘It really has dented my confidence.’ Today, Louis’ mum said: ‘This just goes to prove they are wrong if Gordon Ramsay is coming out in support. ‘Louis is a huge fan of his and we would be very interested in speaking to his people if he is serious about it. It has made his day just getting his backing.’ In a statement, Heart of Worcestershire College said it ‘prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse organisation’. 

‘The College has previously worked closely with Louis Makepeace during his time on our Performing Arts course in 2016/17 where he successfully completed his first year,’ the college said. 

‘Following Louis’ recent application to our Hospitality and Catering course which begins in September 2018, the College has undertaken a review process, as it does with all of its students, to ensure all the appropriate adjustments to the kitchens that Louis needs to allow him to safely and successfully commence his course, and to ensure his needs are met throughout his time at College are in place in time for the start of his studies. 

‘Due to the timing of Louis application, this process is still ongoing and after further discussions have taken place both at the College and with Louis himself, we hope to have a final outcome by the end of this week. ‘We would like to state that at no point has Louis been told he could not attend his course but both Louis and Mrs Makepeace have been informed that the adjustments Louis requires will need to be agreed before an unconditional offer can be given.

 ‘The College has previously seen students with conditions similar to Louis succeed both academically and in industry and we have no doubt that Louis will too succeed in his chosen field.’

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