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Iran in 1960-70 (35 Pics)

Tehran university students in 1971

Aerial view of Vali Ahd Square (Meydan e Vali Ahd) in 1971

The Shemshak ski resort in 1971

Medical students at Tehran University

Iranian university students in the 1970s

Mehrabad airport in 1971

Note the four-engined Boeing 707. Mehrabad was to become one of the busiest and most modern airports in Western Asia by the late 1970s

The Kourosh department store in the 1970s

A lady shopping for her young son in the children's section of a Tehran department store

Miss Iran 1967, Shahla Vahabzadeh

Takht e Jamshid Avenue in 1971

A Tehran hospital operating room in 1971

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  1. Got to ramp up the propaganda to start a new war! After all, the US lost control of their puppet state they installed with Operation Ajax in 1979, when the people took revenge.