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Racist bikini model told ticket inspector "f*** off back to your own country" after being stopped over ticket

A bikini model launched a foul-mouthed racist tirade at a railway worker telling her to "f*** off back to your own country" after missing her train.
City worker Zoe Gladden, 25, who had been drinking, reduced ticket inspector Diana Herban to tears after calling her a "f***ing rude bitch" and a "foreigner."
Gladden, who works at a top shipping brokers in the City, began her sickening attack after she was stopped on the platform for not having a ticket.
However her defence lawyer Lesley Hayes told Westminster Magistrates' Court the incident "wasn't one-side," adding that there was "some degree of provocation."
Gladden modelled for fashion company Flawless Furs, which sold glamorous bikinis, dresses and fur products to reality TV stars.
According to the Instagram page, since deleted, TOWIE star Amber Turner and Love Island's Georgia Harrison recently snapped up bikinis modelled by Gladden.
Gladden, who is an operations manager at shipping broker Simpson Spence Young, is said to have harassed Greater Anglia worker Ms Herban at Liverpool Street Station on June 28.
The court heard she was stopped for not using a ticket to access one of the train platforms and Ms Herban was called over as the argument became heated.
Prosecutor Carly Loftus said: "It was approximately quarter past 11 in the evening and the complainant was a Greater Anglia revenue production officer working on platform six and seven.
"The defendant was stopped by a Greater Anglia staff member at platform six who thought she had shuffled through the barrier.
"She tried to use her phone to tap through the barriers.
"She was very rude towards gateline staff and Ms Herban was called over to assist.
"She attended and said Miss Gladden needed a railway ticket and she would need to go and buy one.
"She was agitated and angry and shouted at Ms Herban.
"Ms Herban smelt alcohol on her breath.
"She became increasingly aggressive and Ms Herban became worried."
The court heard Gladden told the worker: 'You're just a f***ing rude b****.
'I travel every f***ing day on National Rail, you can't tell me I don't have a f***ing ticket.'
Ms Loftus continued: "She then tried to get the train but left and came back.
"She started shouting at Ms Herban that she had missed her train because of her.
"She said: 'You worthless piece of s***, do you even have papers to work in this country?'
"She was telling her to 'f*** off' and also telling her 'you're a f***ing foreigner and you should go back to your own country."
Magistrates' heard that at this point Ms Herban became very upset and walked away from Gladden.
A British Transport Police Officer was approached and asked to help, it was said.
In a victim impact statement read to court, Ms Herban said she felt the situation had been 'very unfair'.
She said: "You feel like you are nothing. You're useless, you're not a human being.
"It doesn't matter what gender, colour or religion you are.
"It doesn't make her better than me because she's English.
"I started to cry while I was on the platform.
"People like to humiliate and make others feel horrible on purpose.
"It makes me feel I don't belong here in this country.
"It makes me doubt myself. I just wanted to have a bit of respect.
"I should not have had to tolerate this behaviour".
The court heard Gladden has a previous conviction of a court order for battery in 2011.
Ms Hayes, defending, said: "What you hear is one side of the argument.
"What was put forward by Miss Gladden is that this wasn't one-sided. There was some degree of provocation.
"She had used her phone to tap in, this hadn't been seen by someone who worked at the station.
"She was refusing to listen or accept what was being said by the defendant. An argument ensued.
"She was very rude to her and she was quite aggressive and insulting.
"She does accept she was rude back and it was escalated and she used words she shouldn't have used."
Ms Hayes said Gladden was 'remorseful' and it would be difficult for her to carry out an unpaid work order as she cares for her father at the weekends.
She said: "She is 25, she works full time as an operations manager and has never been before the courts.
"She wishes to put forward her apologies for wasting time of the police.
"She tells me as well as working full time she also cares for her father who is blind and diabetic. At weekends when she's not working she spends time caring for him."
Chair Carolyn Johnson said: "You had been drinking and of course the racially aggravated element aggravates this too.
"We heard what you said, the unpleasantness of it and that it was a hate crime. We heard the impact that it had on the victim.
"Your position is mitigated because you have shown remorse and you are of previous good character and we give you full credit for your guilty plea today.
"We have heard you have learned your lesson.
"In these circumstances we will deal with this by way of a fine."
Gladden was fined £700 for the harassment and ordered to pay compensation of £200 to the victim.
She will also pay costs of £85 to the prosecution and a surcharge of £75.
Gladden, of Turnford, Hertfordshire, admitted one count of racially aggravated harassment and was ordered to pay a fine and costs totalling £1,060.

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