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Rare Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores That May Surprise You (61 Pics)

Country Store On Dirt Road. Note The Kerosene Pump On The Right And The Gasoline Pump On The Left. Brother Of Store Owner Stands In Doorway. Gordonton, North Carolina, 1939
The Grocery Store Of The Late 19th Century, USA
 1980, When Every Soft Drink Bottle On The Shelf Was Still Glass
Cashiers At The Piggly Wiggly Continental, Encino, California, 1962
Grocery Shopping, 1960s
Publix Supermarkets Showcased Their Wide Aisles And A Self-Service Dairy Case By Driving A Shopper Around A New Store In A Tiny Car, Circa 1957
 A Large Sign Reading "I Am An American" Placed In The Window Of A Store, On December 8, The Day After Pearl Harbor. The Business Was Owned By The Matsuda Family. The Store Was Closed Following Orders To Persons Of Japanese Descent To Evacuate From Certain West Coast Areas
Interior Of The Original Piggly Wiggly Self-Service Grocery Store, Memphis, Tennessee. The First Self Service Grocery Store, Opened 1916. Picture From 1918
Publix Market In Sarasota, Florida, 1961
Two Women Shopping In An American Supermarket, Circa 1970
Shopping In Coop Store, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1938
Great Grandparents At The Counter Of Their Grocery Store In Bremerton, Washington (1925)
James Dean Shopping For Groceries In Marfa, TX, 1955
Jitney Jungle Checkout Clerk Billy Barineau In Tallahassee, 1962
Great Grandfather Standing In His Grocery Store, Evansville, IN, 1960
Man And Dogs In Front Of Grocery Store, Robinson, Illinois, 1940
Children In Front Of Grocery Store, Chicago, Illinois, 1941
Jayne Mansfield Grocery Shopping In Las Vegas, 1959
Supermarket In 1960s
Working Mother Jennie Magill Shopping With Her Children At The Super Market, 1956
Great Grandmother Opening Her Store In Cincinnati, Ohio
Home Turned Into Grocery Store, Omaha, Nebraska, 1938
The Super Giant Supermarket In Rockville, Maryland, 1964
Shopping In Coop Store, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1938
Working At A General Store, 1973
Tulip Town Market, Grove Center By James Edward Westcott, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, July 4, 1945
Buying Groceries In Store At Blankenship, Indiana, 1938
Food Shopping And Mini-Skirts, 1970
Three Women Talking In Frozen Food Aisle Of Supermarket, 1950s
Mayfair Supermarket Cookie Display, 1950s
Proprietor Of Small Grocery Store, Jeanerette, Louisiana, 1938
 Kroger Grocery Store, Lexington Kentucky, 1947, By Lafayette Studio
 1920 Interior View Of A Chicago Grocery
Shopping In The Cooperative Grocery Store, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1942 (Colorized)
Kings Supermarket, 1950s
Interior Of A Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store, 1959
Box-Boy In A Small Rural Grocery Store In Southeast Idaho, 1972
 Dairy Counter At Clark's, A Grocery, Drug, Sundries, And Department Store And Lunch Counter, Charlotte, NC, 1962 Or 1963
Scene In The Cooperative Store At Irwinville Farms, Georgia, 1938
Grocery Store Parking Lot, West Covina, CA, 1959
At Nixon, Wife Of VP, Grocery Shopping With Her Daughters Julie And Tricia, 1958
Grocery Cart, 1974
Vintage Trade Ad With Ruffles Potato Chips, Flings, Etc. At A Checkout
Delivery Vans, 1942 Style, Line Up Outside A Greenbelt, Maryland, Grocery Store Awaiting Customers
Interior Of Northland Foods, Thief River Falls, MN, In The 70's
Grand Grocery Company, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942
Ralph's Supermarket, Los Angeles, 1942
U-Pak Kmart No Frills Supermarket Pontiac, Michigan, 1979
Duke's Mayonnaise Jars Assembled In A Display At Cozart's Grocery Store, 1965
Sunkist Grocery Store Display, 1940s
Grocery Store Window, Dubuque, Iowa, 1940
At The Grocery Store, 1950s
Kroger Grocery Store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947
Cooperative Store At Greenbelt, Maryland, 1938
Store Operated By John Zabala Until 1979
Cigarette And Cigar Displays (Camel, L&M, Etc...) At Clark's, A Grocery, Drug, Sundries, And Department Store And Lunch Counter, Charlotte, NC, 1962 Or 1963
Boy On Porch Of General Store, Roseland, Virginia, 1938
Rear Of Grocery Store, Baltimore, Maryland, 1938

Houchens Grocery Store, Kentucky, C. 1950s
Interior View Of A Ralphs Grocery Store At An Unknown Location In Los Angeles In November 1943, Showing The Check-Out Counter And Cash Register

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