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Suspects attempt robbery, but victim is retired officer: ‘You ain’t messing with some retired cop’

Robbery suspects reportedly targeted Joseph G. Zurolo, an Elkton, Maryland, man — but he isn’t just any Cecil County man: He’s a retired deputy state fire marshal and a veteran of the Elkton Police Department.

What are the details?

Two men reportedly attacked the former officer on the evening of Aug. 19 after allegedly showing up at his door and demanding both money and drugs.
Zurolo said he heard a knock at his door just before midnight. He answered the door to find a man standing at his door. The suspect reportedly said, “I want your money and your drugs.”
Zurolo was confused, according to the Cecil Whig, because he said he doesn’t have any drugs that might appeal to those robbing homes for drugs.
Zurolo reportedly refused, and that’s when the suspect attempted to force his way into the victim’s home. The two engaged in a scuffle, and a second suspect reportedly emerged from the shadows outside Zurolo’s home.
That’s when Zurolo’s dog entered the fray and frightened the two suspects away — without drugs or cash.
The day after the alleged attack, Zurolo shared his experience on Facebook.
He wrote, “Last night at around 11:30 pm I was watching ‘Blue Bloods’ when there was a knock at my door. I got up and went to the door and opened the door.”
“The [sic] was a white male maybe in his 20,s [sic] standing there. He said he wanted money and drugs. He pushed his way in grabbed me tearing my shirt,” he continued, noting that “the fight was on,” and that he and the suspect exchanged blows.
“A second guy came in and I was fighting with both,” Zurolo wrote. “They were banging my head into the door. One punched me in the chest knocking me to the floor. I though [sic] for sure they were going to kill me.”
That’s when Zurolo’s dog, Max, entered the scene and broke up the scuffle.
“He barked so loud that the two guys fled without taking anything,” Zurolo wrote, noting that even after police arrived, the dog would hardly allow anyone near him. “Max saved my life.”

What happened next?

Zurolo reportedly did not seek medical treatment until the next day, when doctors told him that he’d suffered a mild concussion.
According to the outlet, the first suspect is described as a white male, early 20s, about 5-foot-8 with an average build. The first suspect reportedly has long brown hair and facial hair, and has many tattoos.
The second suspect was only described as a white male.
Police ask anyone with information on either one or both of the suspects to call EPD Det. Lindsey Ziegenfuss at 410-398-4200, ext. 41.
In an interview with WMAR-TV, Zurolo said, “You ain’t messing with some retired cop. I’ve got news for you.”

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