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The shocking moment an off-duty NYPD sergeant, 40, shoots a 21-year-old love-rival in the FACE during an argument and then 'tries to plant a knife on him' is captured on security cameras

Shocking footage shows the moment an off-duty NYPD sergeant shoots a Brooklyn man in the face in a dispute over a woman. 
Sgt. Ritchard Blake is seen in the clip arguing with Thavone Santana just under the Livonia Avenue station in East New York on Thursday. 
Blake is seen walking down the street at approximately 5am when Santana, 21, appears to confront him. 

The two argue before Blake is seen pulling an object from his right side. 
Santana tries to flee but a soon he is on the ground. 
Blake, 40, paces around the scene for a bit before placing an object down next to Santana's torso. Law enforcement officials shared that the object was a knife, the New York Post reports. 
Appearing to be on his cellphone, Blake makes his way back to Santana and picks up the knife. The video then cuts out. 
Blake shared with responding officers that Santana had tried to rob him. 
But further investigation revealed that the two were in the midst of a spat over a woman that Blake has a 10-year-old son with. 
Santana is expected to survive, having been shot in the jaw once and undergoing multiple surgeries. 
Blake has been stripped of his gun and badge and is currently being investigated. 
The cop, who served in the 109th precinct in Queens, had a sealed arrest in 2016 related to an assault on the woman.

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