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US woman is found guilty of murdering her boyfriend who dumped her for Miss Ohio after video emerges of her dancing around police interrogation room singing 'I did it'

Hubers had claimed she shot Poston (pictured together) in self-defense after their relationship broke down. Prosecutors said she murdered him because he wanted to break-up with her

A Kentucky woman who shot her boyfriend in the face just before he was due to meet Miss Ohio 2012 for a date has been found guilty of murder.
After two trials, a jury has once again convicted Shayna Hubers, 27, for killing 29-year-old Ryan Poston. She will be sentenced on Wednesday.
Hubers had claimed she shot the attorney in self-defense because she 'feared' him. Prosecutors said she murdered him because he wanted to break-up with her.
Surveillance footage from the police interrogation room showed Hubers dancing and singing 'I did it, yes I did it' just hours after the shooting. 
It only took five hours for the jury to determine they believed the prosecution. 

Hubers was first found guilty of murdering Poston in 2015 and sentenced to 40 years in prison. 
The trial was thrown out after it was revealed one of the jurors had a prior felony conviction, which is illegal in Kentucky. 
Hubers wept into the lap of her attorney before the verdict was read on Tuesday, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer
She also mouthed the words 'I love you' to her mother. 
Poston's family released a statement after the verdict, saying it brought them peace but not happiness.
'Today we embrace justice, and yet we do not feel joy,' the statement read. 'It has been six long and heartbreaking years without our beloved Ryan.' 
'Those who love Ryan now move forward with the integrity, dignity, and kindness that Ryan exemplified throughout his life.'
The second guilty verdict ends a six-year saga in which intimate and graphic details about the couple - including everything from orgasms to threesomes - was revealed. 
On the night of October 12, 2012, Poston was supposed to meet Miss Ohio 2012 Audrey Bolte for a date. 
Instead the young lawyer was found dead in his penthouse apartment, shot six times in the forehead, back, and torso.
Hubers called 911 after the shooting and told the dispatcher: 'Ma'am, I killed my boyfriend.' 
She claimed Poston had pushed her and thrown her against furniture in the moments before she fired the first shot in his face. 
But three of Hubers' cellmates testified that she boasted about giving Poston the 'nose job he always wanted' and cackled once he was dead.    
Donna Dooley, Holly Nivens, and Cecily Miller all told the court Hubers still showed no remorse for the killing, Cincinnati.com reported.  
Nivens said she overheard Hubers on the phone to her mother saying Poston's family was rich enough to buy another son. 
'She would get on the phone and cry and sing to her mom and say there's worse crimes than murder,' Dooley added.
Their accounts were similar to what Hubers herself told police after she was questioned following the shooting. 

Poston died shortly before he was due to meet Miss Ohio 2012 Audrey Bolte for a date on October 12, 2012. 

'He's very vain,' she was recorded telling police about Poston. 'One of our last conversations we had that was good was that he wants to get a nose job.' 
'And I shot him right here. I gave him his nose job he wanted. I broke it.' 
She also began to question the officers about what life was like behind bars, asking if she'd be allowed to take her phone or have a shower.  
Unprompted, Hubers then declared: 'I don't know if anyone will ever want to marry me if they know that I killed a boyfriend in self-defense - not funny.'
When officers stepped out of the room at one point, Hubers began singing Amazing Grace. 
She also started dancing around the interrogation room, twirling and snapping her fingers, while she sang 'I killed him, I killed him' and 'I did it. Yes I did it. I can't believe I did that'. 
During the second trial, Hubers recounted how she and Poston went on their first date on her 20th birthday in April 2011 after meeting on Facebook months earlier.
She said even on that first night she was rattled by his physicality and how forward he was and called a taxi from the bathroom of a bar to get away.
'I remember thinking that he had a strong personality. I feared him. I felt like I need to do what he was telling me to do,' she said, according to Fox 19
However, they kept dating on and off and often had rough sex when drunk. She said everything went downhill after she refused to do a sexual act in 2012.
'It felt degrading...I didn't know if I trusted him. I feared him,' she said.
Hubers also said Poston was 'callous' when she told him she was sexually assaulted by a stranger in a restroom in 2007 and molested by her father.
She claimed he once threw her out of the window of his condominium in the spring of 2012, repeatedly slammed the door on her body when she tried to get back in, and then threw her keys and purse at her.
Hubers admitted that she was also violent with Poston as their fights escalated over the course of the year.
'I smacked or hit him in the face around his mouth. He shoved me, he shoved me back,' she said.
The pair tried to get back together about a month before the murder, but Poston had conditions that would drastically change their relationship.
'He wanted me to be his incognito girlfriend and he wanted me to talk 25 percent less, he always said I talked too much,' Hubers testified.
'And he wanted me to get a hobby while I was at his condo and he wanted me to also agree to have threesomes with other girls.'
But Carissa Carlisle, Poston's step-cousin, said the attorney tried to end the relationship 'multiple times'.
At one point he even asked Carlisle to tell Hubers why the relationship was ending. 
'She never actually listened to me though,' Carlisle said as she testified. 
Carlisle said Hubers would often steal her phone so she could contact Poston. 
Highland Heights Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer said Hubers would also log onto Poston's Facebook and block women. 
He said Hubers bombarded Poston with a hundred texts for every one he sent after one of their regular break-ups, even messaging him from her friends' phones. 
Meanwhile, the defense spent a significant amount of time on the trial discussing texts in which Hubers revealed her struggle to orgasm with Poston. 
Birkenhauer said Poston did tell Hubers in one text that she might better achieve orgasm if she got breast implants. 
'He wanted her for sex,' Hubers' defense attorney, David Eldridge, said in his closing statement.
'He would push her away and then bring her back. And then he would tell his friends she was crazy.' 
'There was a perfect looking couple on the outside that was deeply flawed on the inside. Their deeply troubled relationship came to a tragic end.' 
'You put six bullets in a person, you're going to have to say it was self-defense,'  Campbell County Prosecutor Michelle Snodgrass said in her closing statement. 
'Or you're going to have to admit you're a cold-blooded killer.' 

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