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Walmart Cashier Sees Disabled Customer Refused Service At Nail Salon. Then She Acts.

A cashier at Walmart took matters into her own hands after she discovered a regular customer of hers who is disabled was turned away from a nearby nail salon.
The Walmart cashier in Burton, Michigan, Ebony Harris, found out that Angela Peters, 36, who suffers from cerebral palsy, could not get service at a nearby nail salon. Peters said the reason she was rejected was that her hands sometimes shake.
Harris skipped her break and offered to paint Peters’ nails. First the women selected a sparkly blue shade of nail polish, then they sat together at the Subway seating area inside the Walmart.
Peters told ABC News, "Ebony is a nice person. I enjoy conversation with her." Harris stated, “I knew her from her coming in here shopping. I’ve helped her shop a couple of times. I just wanted to do her nails and I didn’t want her day to be ruined."
Peters apologized to Harris for her hands shaking, prompting Harris to tell her not to apologize. Harris admitted, "I was a little nervous and was shaking because I didn’t want to mess her nails up.”
Meanwhile, a Subway employee, Tasia Smith, witnessed Harris painting Peters’ nails, which brought her to tears. She photographed Harris and Peters, then posted it on Facebook, where it went viral. Smith wrote, "She did great, barely moved & was just so sweet. It’s an absolute shame that they denied her for something so little."
Harris appreciated the attention she received, saying, "I love it and it hit my soul in a very deep place. It makes me feel good, but it’s very overwhelming."
Walmart released a statement, proudly telling ABC News, "Ebony simply wanted to make sure our customer’s day was special, and that’s the kind of person she is -- someone with a wonderful attitude who goes the extra mile each day to make those around her feel important. We're not surprised at her act of kindness. Her service to customers defines the spirit of Walmart, and we couldn’t be more proud.”
Peters said, "I forgive the nail people for not doing my nails. When people do us wrong we must forgive, if not we harbor bitterness. I don't want anyone fired, I just [want to] educate people that people with different challenges like being in a wheelchair, we can have our own business and get our nails done like anyone else."
Harris, Peters and Smith have plans to go out to dinner.

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