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WATCH: California Councilwoman's Viral Response To 'Slut-Shaming' Website

What would have normally been a small-town campaign for a city council position has officially gone national after a candidate's response to a "slut-shaming" smear-job against her went viral.
On August 13, Rachel Hundley, a Sonoma, California city council member running for reelection, found herself the victim of a "slut-shaming" campaign. An email from an unknown address appeared in her inbox, and when Hundley clicked on it, "her heart sank," The Washington Post reports.
What she read stunned her. The anonymous email accused the 35-year-old Hundley of being “immoral and unethical.” It then suggested that she drop out of her race for reelection in November. She read the note a few times before the reality of the threat set in. Then she clicked the link.
The now-disabled website, called “Rachel Hundley Exposed,” attacked Hundley for her stance on divisive issues while mayor of Sonoma. It contained photographs mined from Hundley’s social media accounts, including some showing her in a bra and underwear and working at Burning Man, the famed art and music festival. The site, supposedly created by an organization called “Sonoma Citizens for Peace and Cooperation,” called Hundley a “cruel and demented person,” who was “a cancer” that needed to be cut from the community.
Hundley decided to make her response public, posting a campaign video last week calling out the "anonymous coward" for the pathetic "slut-shaming" attack.
"On August 13th, I received an anonymous email that was nothing short of extortion," Hundley says in the video. "The email told me to drop out of this November's city council election or else they would release a website filled with scandalous accusations and racy photos. The email included a link, and what I found was a combination of outright lies and things I've proudly posted on social media. What was especially disturbing in this era of #MeToo was the attempt to slut-shame me for celebrating my body and my attendance at Burning Man."
Hundley goes on to describe the attack as an attempt to silence "another strong female voice" and deny the public a chance to vote for the candidate they believe most deserves the job. "For too long it has been seen as okay to control women by dictating what is acceptable for us to wear, say and do," she says, but "strong women" like her will continue to fight back.

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