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Ballerina Sues New York City Ballet And Former Principal Dancer, Alleges Sexual Exploitative Atmosphere

A 19-year-old ballerina is suing the New York City Ballet and one of its principal dancers, accusing the organization of perpetuating a “fraternity-like” atmosphere in which male members abused, roughed up and dehumanized ballerinas.
Alexandra Waterbury, an undergraduate student at the School of General Studies at Columbia University and a dancer at the Columbia Ballet Collaborative, filed her 40-page complaint in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday. In the lawsuit, Waterbury alleges that her former boyfriend, Chase Finlay, 28, secretly photographed and videotaped the two of them having sex and then shared the videos and pictures with other dancers, employees, NYC Ballet donors and a sex trafficker.
In the lawsuit, one anonymous top donor is quoted texting Finlay, “We should get like half a kilo [of cocaine] and put it over the girls and just violate them. … I bet we could tie some of them up and abuse them like farm animals.” The lawsuit states Finlay replied, “Or like the sluts they are.”
Finlay recently resigned from the ballet company; two other male principals, Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro, were suspended after accusations were made that they had sent inappropriate texts and emails.
The lawsuit called the New York City Ballet’s workplace “a breeding ground for sexual exploitation.” It also states, “The male dancers … understood that they were ‘above the law’ and could do whatever they wanted to women, whenever they wanted to do so — just make sure it occurs in New York, where it could be controlled by [NYC Ballet’s] executives and management.”
One alleged text from Finlay to someone associated with the ballet read, “You have any pictures of girls you've f***ed? I'll send you some got ballerina girls I've made scream and squirt.” That text was allegedly accompanied by a nude photo of Waterbury.
One Ballet employee allegedly texted Finlay, “I want to j*** off to watching u and Alex f*** lolz” and “I can’t stop looking at Alex's t**s lol.” The Daily Mail reports, “Finlay also allegedly discussed recording the 19-year-old Waterbury performing a sex act for profit, because 'that s*** would sell.'”
Charles W. Scharf, the chairman of the board at City Ballet, stated that the company “has no liability for the actions specified in the complaint and has taken the appropriate disciplinary actions for the dancers involved.”
The New York Times reported of the ballet company:
Its longtime ballet master in chief, Peter Martins, abruptly retired this year after the company began investigating allegations of physical and sexual abuse that were made against him. The company said it did not corroborate the accusations. Ms. Waterbury’s lawsuit said that the company’s failure to corroborate the accusations against Mr. Martins sent the message to Mr. Finlay and other male dancers that it was acceptable “to abuse substances and degrade, demean, dehumanize and sexually abuse women.”
Waterbury concluded, “Every time I see a little girl in a tutu or with her hair in a bun on her way to ballet class, all I can think is that she should run in the other direction, because no one will protect her, like no one protected me.”

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