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Callous carer is filmed brazenly stealing from a vulnerable MS patient after the victim's suspicious family set up a secret camera

A MUM-OF-TWO who was trusted to care for a vulnerable woman struggling with multiple sclerosis brazenly stole cash and groceries from her home while she was supposed to be working.

Claire Jones’ ill-gotten shopping spree was uncovered when the victim’s husband installed CCTV inside the family home in Woolston.
Steve Ashton decided to plant the surveillance equipment after loose change and birthday money for his children went missing from around the home.
The 52-year-old recalled how he was shocked when he discovered the culprit.
He said: “The camera showed that this wasn’t theft when an opportunity arose.
“It was predatory behaviour where the personal assistant was checking coat pockets and bags.”
Warrington Magistrates’ Court heard how Jones had been caring for Steve’s wife Anita Dubique-Ashton, who is now confined to bed, for four years.
But at the start of the year the couple started to become suspicious. 
“It was causing much stress – we were initially concerned that one of our children had been stealing from us which hurt,” he said.
"But on further review I determined that for some of the thefts only Claire had the opportunity. 
“Anita was researching CCTV but I was reluctant to spend money if I didn’t have to. I looked for software for my laptop which would enable it to record from the built-in webcam. 
“The following morning I set my laptop to record the area where my work bag was situated.  
“I had purposely put two pound coins in a plastic money bag and a five pound note into the pocket of my work bag.
“I reviewed the laptop’s recording later that day. Claire was seen searching through all the pockets of my work bag, 
“She would have had no reason to go into my bag, she initially walked away without taking anything to later return and take the bag with the two pounds.” 

The 42-year-old, of Blackburne Close, Fearnhead, was also caught on camera taking items from the kitchen.
Jones was arrested but she denied the allegations. She later pleaded guilty to three counts of theft.
Hannah Houghton, defending, told the court how Jones, who was of previous good character, was ‘disgusted in herself’.
She said: “It was a reckless and silly decision and the gain to herself was minimal. She took £7 in cash and the goods totalled £13.”
But district judge Bridget Knight slammed Jones for taking advantage of the 49-year-old victim, who is now fearful of trusting other carers. 
She said: “This shows a woman who has spent a large part of her life looking after those in need and the hurtful part of this case is she was regarded as a close friend by Mrs Dubique-Ashton. It is a very gross breach of trust.”
Jones was sentenced on Tuesday to 26 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.
She must also carry out 250 hours of unpaid work and pay £750 in court costs, fines and compensation.

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