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Dad who saved two drowning children in hotel pool wants compensation because it 'ruined his holiday'

A holidaymaker who saved two children from drowning in a hotel pool demanded compensation as the heroic act 'ruined his trip'.
Steven Tartt, 32, from Seaforth, saw children struggling in the water at the Victoria Playa hotel in Santo Tomas in Menorca.
Rushing to their aid, he dived in and rescued the drowning kids from the bottom of the pool.
But the dad-of-two claims he was so affected by the trauma that he 'had to take a week off work' to recover.
He was also furious that the lifeguard on duty had failed to help the boy, seven and girl six.
Two months after his holiday, Steven took to Twitter to express his disgust that he was not compensated for the incident.
Speaking with the Liverpool Echo , he said that travel group TUI had "fobbed him off".
Mr Tartt wrote: "So goes on holiday in June, 3rd day of the holiday I had to jump in and help 2 drowning children, ruined the rest of the holiday because the lifeguard wasn’t doing his job.
"Also had to take an extra week off work after it affected me that much."
He said that he had been applying suncream when he saw the kids' heads bobbing up and down in the water.
He then said to hurdle over the front row of chairs and dive in. The children were at the bottom of the 2.4 metre deep pool.
"Spoke to TUI, thought they would take some responsibility or something and at least offer something for it ruining my holiday due to the hotel they use, not hiring capable staff.
"They have refused to take any.
"They won’t ask the hotel to take any either as they feel it would harm the relationship with them and lose them business and money.
"They said because I chose to jump in and save the kids and do this off my own back, then it’s my responsibility.
"So if I’d of just sat and watched two children drown, because a hotel you use didn’t employ someone who is there to do this job couldn’t be a***d to move, then I’d off got something then for it ruining my holiday!

"Never heard so much c*** in my life!!"
"It's a bit sh**. It ruined my holiday. I had to take a week off work, and I'm self-employed.
"It happened on day two or three of our break, and I kept dreaming about it - I was trying to run, and get to the children, but I couldn't reach them.
"It was horrible, and it's out of order they way they've [TUI] handled it."
TUI today disagreed with Mr Tartt's stance.
A company spokesman said: "We're sure everyone shares our thanks to Mr Tartt for his brave actions.
"We’re sorry to hear that he’s unhappy not to have received compensation, as we felt the most appropriate support we could provide would be to offer free access to our independent partner the Centre for Crisis Psychology (CCP).
"We would like to reassure everyone that our hotel partner took immediate and appropriate action with the staff member involved.”

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