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'Get on the ground!' Shocking moment US cops tasered a shirtless man 'ten times' as he broke into a bank before he died three days later

Footage showing the moment a shirtless man was fatally tasered after he broke into a bank has been released by police.
Tulsa Police confronted 26-year-old Joshua Wayne Harvey in the street outside Arvest Bank on South Main Street on August 24 after getting multiple 911 calls reporting a man screaming and stripping off his clothes.
The body camera footage released by the department of Saturday begins with cops pursuing a shirtless and shoeless Harvey on foot.
The powerfully built suspect yanks the handle of a glass door at the bank until it shatters, raining shards of glass on his head, and he runs inside the vestibule covered in his own blood, with police officers hot on his heels.
'S***, all right, we're going to tase him,' one of the cops tells his colleagues.
Two officers are seen in the footage using their stun guns on Harvey's back as he tries to enter a second set of glass doors to reach the bank's main lobby.
Harvey collapses to the floor and the officers repeatedly order him to roll over onto his stomach and put his hands behind his back.
He then attempts to get back to his feet, grimaces, bares his teeth, flails his arms wildly and rolls around as officers continue to deploy their Tasers against him.
In the video, the suspect is heard screaming. At one point, he exclaims, 'go harder'.
Towards the end of the recording, one of the officers says 'how many times did we hit him like 10 friggin' times?'
After numerous jolts of electricity and a three-minute struggle on the floor, police were finally able to get the handcuffs on Harvey, whom they suspected of being under the influence of synthetic marijuana.
As officers and the suspect waited for paramedics to arrive, Harvey was heard exclaiming: 'help,' 'no' and 'Jesus.'
The 26-year-old also begged the cops to remove the Taser leads out of his body, but they refused.
The department says it is waiting for the state Medical Examiner’s Office report to determine the cause and manner of Harvey’s death, according to a statement issued online Saturday.
'Take the Tasers off. Take them off. I'm dying. He's about to kill me,’ Harvey says in the recording.
Some 18 minutes into the video, Harvey stops speaking and begins groaning.
He continues making sounds for two minutes, then falls silent, at which point the officers begin wondering aloud whether he is is till breathing.
‘His eyes are in the back of his head,' one cop notes.
Harvey was taken to St John Medical Center, where according to his family’s attorney, he never regained consciousness and died three days later. 
Records indicate that Harvey had a very extensive criminal history encompassing nearly a dozen arrests on charges of drug possession, burglary, grand larceny, resisting arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle and DUI, among others. 

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